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Expert Lesbian Relationship Advice: Communication Skills, Couples Coaching, Therapy, and Retreats for Stronger WLW Relationships

Building and maintaining a healthy lesbian marriage or relationship between WLW (women who love women) requires effective communication and a supportive environment. However, communication habits can be deeply ingrained and influenced by past experiences, making it challenging to change.

That’s where we come in! At our lesbian couples retreat, we offer guidance and support to help you navigate common lesbian relationship issues, improve communication skills, and create an emotionally-regulated system that feels safe for both partners.

In addition to our lesbian couples retreats, we offer two other distinct services to support your relationship. Our relationship counseling and coaching services provide personalized guidance and support to help you and your partner work through challenges and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. And our lesbian relationship online courses offer a convenient and accessible way to learn new skills and strategies for improving your relationship.

We believe that understanding each other’s nervous systems is key to building a strong and trusting relationship. By recognizing cues of safety and danger, we can help you and your partner develop new habits of communication that are positive and helpful in your relationship.


And the best part? You can change automated reactions that are hardwired in your nervous system by doing small things consistently.

So, whether you’re looking for a lesbian couples retreat, relationship counseling and coaching, or an online course to improve your relationship, we’re here to help. Let’s work together to create the loving, supportive, and lasting relationship you desire!

A 6-week online course in communication that couples say they made more progress in this course than they did in one to three years of couples counseling.

Coaching and counseling for lesbian couples seeking an experienced, knowledgeable and lesbian-affirming (and identifying) provider. 

Relationship Transforming Vacations for Lesbian Couples who Want Rapid Results

Free Download on Lesbian Sexuality – Immediate Access

The research discussed in this report summarizes Michele O’Mara, Ph.D.’s findings after conducting an extensive survey with 498 lesbians about their sex lives and intimate relationships. This research aimed to explore the stereotype of lesbian bed death and determine the correlation between the frequency with which lesbians have sex and their relationship satisfaction. 

This free download on lesbian sex and sexuality answers these questions:

How do lesbians define sex?

What are contemporary lesbians doing sexually?

How frequently do lesbians have sex?

How satisfied are lesbians with their relationships?


How Strong is Your Lesbian Relationship?

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