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What people say about The Lesbian Workshop


“You have to do this!  I wished it wasn’t ending.  It can change your life.  It will raise your awareness about yourself and your partner to a new level.” ~ Anonymous

“It is enlightening, very helpful.  I am incredibly hopeful for our relationship after attending.”  ~ Jackson

“It is enlightening, challenging, and well worth the time to make your relationship better.  I learned more about effective communication with my partner than I’ve ever known in 5 years together.” ~ Casey

“The weekend was very informative and enlightening.  I felt grateful, inspired and emotionally connected.  Although I felt vulnerable at times, I also felt growth within myself and my partner.  The relaxed feeling/environment made me feel more comfortable sharing.”  ~ Chelsi

“Wow…enlightening.  More than I ever expected.  I learned more about my partner and myself than I could have imagined or would have been able to on my own.”  ~ Anonymous

“Safe, nurturing, authentic, inspiring, lots of personal stories shared, open, education, supportive, funny.”  ~ Anonymous

“It wasn’t what I expected and I am pleasantly surprised with how much I learned about myself and my partner.”  ~ Heather

“This was extremely helpful, insightful and productive while at the same time very scary, challenging and daunting.  It was my idea to come here and I must admit, I was not disappointed.  Michele is compassionate and adept at creating a safe space for exploration and discovery.  I learned a lot about my partner and even more about myself – which met every expectation.”  Jenni

Michele, your workshop is self analyzing and provides tools for me to review our relationship, focus on areas to change and to acknowledge what’s working well.   The workshop provides a great opportunity to learn and practice a communication tool that will transform our relationship forever. Michele, you are the perfect facilitator.  Your passion, knowledge and energy creates one of the best learning sessions I’ve attended. ~ Anonymous

“The Weekend is beneficial for anyone – new partners, long-term relationship couples, couples with problems or no problems.  It really opens your eyes.” ~ Lori

[The Weekend] was wonderful! Open yourself up for some life changing skills. Hands down the best information I have received in my life so far. Big ideas that inspire me to change for me!     ~ Vicki

Great! Insightful, directive and fun . ~ Ane

This is a great workshop that any couple, at any stage in their relationship can learn and benefit from. ~ Anonymous

 [Michele is] a great illustrative speaker and honestly I was fascinated and often surprised by realizations I had.- anonymous

What you put into it, is what you’ll get out of it.  The tools that were taught (to go away with) were incredible, and we started using them right away!    ~ Heather

Very Non-Intimidating and Comfortable. ~ Jane

This is a fabulous investment for any relationship! that will continually pay us back now and forever in the future. [ Michele] is very warm and comfortable…and makes it very personal and inviting. ~ Jackie

Very thought provoking! ~ Liz

I have to say, this may just prove to be the best investment I could have made in this relationship at this stage!  I feel like I have garnered amazing tools to give the relationship the best shot of my life!   ~ Kristin

[Michele is] very professional.  I can tell [she] is passionate about this work!   ~ Sue 

[The Weekend] takes the focus off of negative things about myself or my partner and puts emphasis on understanding the baggage and moving on toward investing in the relationship/family. ~ anonymous

You kept me interested the whole time. ~ anonymous

It was very informative, interesting and insightful.  It forced me to look within myself at issues I’ve tried to ignore for years.  It also helped me to look at my partner differently in that I had new insight as to what drew me towards choosing her and why some of her characteristics are hard for me to sit with.   ~ Paula

It is a good investment no matter what stage your relationship is in.   It helped me feel more “normal” and focus on our strengths.      ~ Amie and Alisa

[The Weekend ] teaches you a lot about yourself and your responsibility in your relationship and moreover your place in life and satisfaction an peace with who you are. – Anonymous

This was a great opportunity to learn and share in a safe, open, supportive environment.  Great for all levels/phases of relationships.   ~ anonymous

It is exciting to discover life changing information about yourself and your partner. [The Weekend is one of the greatest investments we’ve made in our relationship!] ~ anonymous

One of the most important things we have done for our relationship.  It is of great value to any couple at any stage of their relationship. ~ Barbara

Great!  Chance to open up and see where you and your partner can grow as individuals and as a couple.   ~ Susan

 [The Weekend] creates a true importance of “us” and validity for who we are as a couple.         ~ Ann

Enlightening, exhausting, revealing, emotionally draining, extremely helpful in identifying issues with myself.  Very welcoming and comfortable.  – anonymous

Sign Up!  It’s a wonderful gift to yourself and your relationship. ~ Connie