Email exchanges are the ideal option for those seeking the greatest level of convenience, accessibility, affordability, and flexibility.  Email exchanges are an alternative to chat sessions, yet offer the same benefits, just not real-time.

With Email Exchanges you will have more time to process your concerns, and to sort through your questions, dilemmas and feelings.

Once you submit your email,  you can anticipate a response within 24 hours of payment received.


The basic email exchange involves two steps.

  1. Write an email that includes your concern, any relevant history related to your concern, and what you are requesting feedback about.  ALWAYS CONCLUDE YOUR EMAIL WITH THE QUESTIONS YOU WISH TO HAVE ANSWERED.
  2. I will respond to your email with a summary of my understanding of your concern(s), my observations, insights and responses to your specific questions, along with my suggestions.

WHAT are the FEES?

Fees are based on the NUMBER OF WORDS  you submit in your inquiry, and the NUMBER OF QUESTIONS for which you request a response.
The following fee schedule is based on the number of words submitted to me in your email, and the number of questions you ask.  If you have a lot to say, and only a couple of questions, you will want to purchase the package that gives you enough space to say what you want to say.  I will respond to your message as I read it, commenting as I go, and then I will see if I have answered your questions at the end of your message or not.  If I have not answered your questions, I will address those before replying.
450 words or less (1 page), 2 questions = $25
451-900 words (2 pages), 3 questions = $50
901-1350 (3 pages), 4 questions = $75
1351-1800 (4 pages), 5 questions = $100
1801-2200 (5 pages), 6 questions = $125