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This transgender forum is one of three support services (24/7 Live Trans Chat Group and Trans Video Support Meetings) in the Trans Support Network. The Trans Forum is designed to provide a safe,  healthy and uplifting space for trans people and their partners/spouses to share experiences, resources, and inspiration for happy, gender-affirming journies in all areas of life. The pursuit of gender authenticity can be a lonely process without support and connection with other MTF or FTM people and their partners or spouses who are going through a similar journey. This is not therapy, and your participation in this forum is voluntary. Please adhere to basic principles of kindness and respect:  here are the transgender forum guidelines.



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I'm Michele O'Mara.

Be sure to introduce yourself here. Simply add a new "topic" - the topic is YOU! Let us know what brings you here, how you are affected by issues related to gender - and if you have started a transition, where you are in the process.
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transgender forumThis transgender forum has been created by Michele O’Mara, LCSW, PhD. She has been providing services to people who identify as transgender (MTF, FTM, Unsure, Gender Non-Binary, Non-Conforming, Gender Queer and Gender Fluid) for the past two decades. If you have feedback or suggestions to improve this forum, please contact us.