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This transgender forum is one of three support services (24/7 Live Trans Chat Group and Trans Video Support Meetings) in the Trans Support Network. The Trans Forum is designed to provide a safe,  healthy and uplifting space for trans people and their partners/spouses to share experiences, resources, and inspiration for happy, gender-affirming journies in all areas of life. The pursuit of gender authenticity can be a lonely process without support and connection with other MTF or FTM people and their partners or spouses who are going through a similar journey. This is not therapy, and your participation in this forum is voluntary. Please adhere to basic principles of kindness and respect:  here are the transgender forum guidelines.




transgender forumThis transgender forum has been created by Michele O’Mara, LCSW, PhD. She has been providing services to people who identify as transgender (MTF, FTM, Unsure, Gender Non-Binary, Non-Conforming, Gender Queer and Gender Fluid) for the past two decades. If you have feedback or suggestions to improve this forum, please contact us.