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TSO is a safe place online, created by gender specialist Michele O’Mara, PhD, for people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth and their signifcant others. Whether you identify as questioning, non-binary, non-conforming, male-to-female, female-to-male, pre-hrt, non-hrt, on hrt, pre-surgery, post-surgery, non-surgery, gender confused or curious, transgender or any other related gender identity, please know you are welcome here.  

If you are seeking an assessment and a letter of referral for HRT, Top surgery or GRS / SRS, Dr. O’Mara does provide assessment and referral letters in as few as one session, however, that is a seperate service from this online support group. TSO is coordinated by Dr. O’Mara and though she is present for all video sessions, the emphasis is on peer-support and gender advocacy rather than psychotherapy. Because TSO is not therapy, it is accessible to members from all states. 



Don’t worry – you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of Trans Support Online. This transgender support resource is designed to come to you – no matter how rural, or how small your town! All you need is internet access and a webcam (even a smartphone will do the trick).


Trans Support Online is a great way to safely connect with others in a membership setting (even though some people will only pay as little as $5/month to be here) people do not usually pay to cause trouble … therefore, all members will be held accountable for their behavior while visiting Trans Support Online, and non-members will not be given access to the text chats, online video, and discussion forum resources. 

What separates this transgender support resource from many others is that it is created, organized and run by a Gender Specialist, Michele O’Mara, Ph.D., LCSW. With over two decades of transgender care, Dr. O’Mara has conducted assessments and written many hundreds of referrals for HRT, Top Surgery, Bottom Surgery, Chest Surgery and Orchiectomies.  In addition to people with gender concerns, Dr. O’Mara has also worked with parents, siblings, children, spouses. If you are in need of a letter of referral, click here.

While the real power of Trans Support Online is YOU – those of you living with the concerns that brought you here, Dr. O’Mara is committed to ensuring that you have a safe place to connect and get the support you need and deserve.



You can ask questions, make friends, find answers, and feel safe knowing that you are surrounded by other people who are going through the same things you are. 

Trans Support Online consists of three powerful support options. The first of these is the Live Text Chat Groups. Once you become a member, you can visit the Trans Chat page and begin communicating with other members who are also online. There are specific chat rooms for folks that identify in one of many ways, including; transmasculine, transfeminine, gender non-binary, and spouses/significant others/partners of those dealing with gender. If there are not enough people online that identify as you do, you are also welcome to join the All Members Chat Group. The idea is that you have someone to reach out to – a real person – who is able to chat with you, real-time, about what is on your mind.


The Trans Support Online Discussion Forum is another option for 24/7 access to post questions, share your experiences, or respond with suggestions and resources to other members.  You must be a member to access the Discussion Forum which is designed to keep the forum clean, focused and supportive.


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Perhaps the most powerful support option in Trans Support Online is the professionally organized (by a gender specialist, Michele O’Mara, Ph.D., LCSW) – and run Peer Support Live Video Support Groups.

This online platform offers people from all over to connect FACE-TO-FACE thanks to advanced video software and the internet. Whether you join by smartphone, laptop, desktop, or a tablet, you can easily join the conversation and see and be seen by others with whom you can relate.  




When enough members are present, separate “breakout rooms” will be made for each interest-group: (transmasculine, transfemine, non-binary and significant others).

The meetings will begin with all participants in one video room, and then we have the option to separate into private discussion groups (called breakout rooms) for different issues. For example, if 7 transguys, 4 non-binary identified people, 9 transwomen (4 of whom are pre-op and 5  of whom are post-op) and 7 spouses are on a call, we can create 5 separate breakout rooms – one for trans guys, one for non-binary folks, one for pre-op transfemales, one for post-op transfemales, and one for spouses.

Dr. O’Mara will greet everyone at the start of the call, coordinate the breakout rooms as desired, and remain available to all of the members in the breakout rooms – with the click of a mouse – to answer questions or troubleshoot if necessary.


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