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What is a gender therapist?

As a gender therapist, I work with people who identify as transgender, non-binary or non-conforming, or those who are uncertain about or questioning their gender. My philosophy is to assist you in taking steps in the direction of greater gender peace, as efficiently and affordably as possible. I provide both in-office and online video sessions. My goal is to get out of the way as soon as possible so that you can get on with the business of living life with a gender identity that best fits you.
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As an experienced gender therapist, I have written several hundred letters of referral for hormone replacement therapy, top surgery, and Gender Confirmation Surgery – also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and formerly called sex reassignment surgery (SRS) – (according to the WPATH Standards of Care). I am a mental health professional with an LCSW, licensed in the state of Indiana (License #34003162A), and I also have a PhD in Clinical Sexology.

Gender Therapy Inquiry Form

Most assessments and LETTERS OF REFERRAL can be completed in as FEW AS ONE TO THREE SESSIONS
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I am grateful to be a gender therapist

Working with people who are seeking gender truth and alignment is a very inspiring experience. There is some way that people with gender non-conforming identities are living, breathing examples of how essential it is that we all strive to live life as authentically as possible. Transitioning genders is an overwhelmingly difficult experience, and it requires a fierce and courageous determination. I am grateful to have spent so many hours hearing the stories of what it is like to grow up knowing your truth and feeling like you have to pretend you are another. I have not experienced this with my gender, though I have experienced it with my sexual orientation. Clearly, the two are different experiences and the associated difficulties cannot be compared. What is at the heart of both of these experiences, however, is the pain of feeling ashamed of who you really are, and the pain of being led to believe that in order to continue being accepted and loved you must pretend you are not something that you are. I’m grateful to be trusted with your process, and honored to see you journey toward you truest self.

Gender dysphoria is an overwhelming and widely misunderstood condition that causes significant distress.

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Gender Therapy Services


Online Video Support Group is a video support group held online for trans people and their spouses / partners.


Support through Real Life Experience (RLE) also known as Real Life Test (RLT)


Letter of referral for Gender Confirmation Surgery (GRS) / Gender Reassignment surgery, or Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) –  based on SOC’s


As a gender therapist, provide sensitivity trainings and education in the workplace, hospitals and mental health settings


The TG Forum s a safe part of transsupport.online and and offers an uplifting place to share experiences, resources and support.


Emotional and psychological support and assistance through the steps necessary for a gender transition for transgender identified individuals and their families


Practical support and information about transitioning, what to expect, and anticipatory guideance.


Here are additional links to other resources that are helpful to your gender journey.

Gender assessment and letter of referral

In order to get HRT from a medical doctor, or vaginoplasty (bottom surgery for MTF women), or phalloplasty (bottom surgery for FTM men), or a double mastectomy with chest reconstruction (top surgery for FTM men), the majority of surgeons will require one or two letters of referral from a mental health professional like me. Usually, one of these letters of referral is also required to be from a PhD level provider, which I am.
My job as a therapist for transgender identified persons who wish to start HRT or have surgery is to provide what’s called an assessment and letter of referral. According to professional standards of care (SOC) as published by the World Professional Health Association (WPATH), the assessment requires that you meet the criteria outlined in the DSM-V (a manual of diagnoses created by and for the mental health community) for Gender Dysphoria. Once that is established, you will also need to demonstrate readiness for this next step. Readiness means that everything is in place to ensure that you are able to responsibly take this next step in your transition – such as having enough income to pay for your doctor’s visits and hormone supply without interruption; making sure that you are not at risk of being kicked out of your home, or losing your job or other things that might compromise your successful transition.

Roughly 99.9% of the people who reach out to me meet these criteria and factors. I am on your side – and I want to see you feel at peace in your skin and in your life.

Gender Therapy Inquiry Form

Most assessments and LETTERS OF REFERRAL can be completed in as FEW AS ONE TO THREE SESSIONS

Am I really transgender? Is this a phase?

It’s confusing when you have strong feelings and thoughts that you are taught at a very early age (if not directly, indirectly), are not “right.” Gender is a social construct – it’s made up. Just like there was a time that slavery was viewed as a good thing, or that being left-handed was not acceptable, or that homosexuality was a mental illness – we, as a culture, get things wrong. Sometimes VERY WRONG.

Over time, it was culturally decided that there would be males and there would be females and that each of these genders would look, behave, think and feel a certain way.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t proven to be accurate or even doable for many people who identify as transgender and gender nonconforming. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. You already know the truth about who you are. Trust yourself. There’s no one more qualified to do this than you.

Whether your struggle is with cross-dressing, gender dysphoria, gender confusion, gender-bending, fetishes that confuse you, unwanted desires or behaviors, or if you have Gender Dysphoria, having a gender therapist like myself, can ease your journey toward your true self.

A gender therapist can provide you with guidance, support, helpful resources, and the necessary information to help you succeed in living your very best, most authentic life possible, however, that looks for you.

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