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TRANS FORUM: Philosophy and Guidelines

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1. Every gender journey is unique; there is no RIGHT way to become who you really are. No two people have the same history, education, resources, social supports, or life experience, and as a result, there is no RIGHT answer or a one-size-fits-all way to journey toward gender authenticity and peace.

Share your experiences, support, resources, and sources of inspiration as freely as you wish.

Use first person sharing: “I,”  or “My experience has been…” and never from “You should…” or “You need to…” etc.

2. This journey is difficult enough and every word, comment, or interaction we exchange with another either makes their life easier or more difficult. This forum strives to make life easier for those who read these words.

When you share, do so with the intent to add value, comfort, support or relief to others.

3. Misinformation, generalizations, stereotypes, and opinions are easily misconstrued. We do not want to perpetuate false information or stereotypes that are not rooted in fact.

If you provide resources and information that is not based on your own personal “I – statement” sharing, provide references and links to back up your information.

4. This space is co-created. Every word added to this forum is a contribution to this site, and it will either add value, or it will diminish the value of this forum. This forum is designed to add value to your gender journey.

Share only that which adds value when you contribute to this forum.

5. Participants on this forum are all on a journey of their own toward accepting their own, or their loved one’s true gender. This is not an appropriate place to lean on others to take care of you in ways that extend beyond the forum. You can expect a kind ear, a helpful story about another’s own experience, information about useful resources, links, books, and provider information, or general inspiration to encourage you on your journey.

This is not a place to offer or request help outside of the words exchanged on this forum.

If you are in crisis, here is a list of available resources to call or chat with online right now.

Hotline for and by transpeople

Phone: (877) 565-8860