fbpx Kelly, Bloomington, Indiana

This is an incredible experience and opportunity for deeper connection and growth, no matter what stage of relationship yours may be. We are a relatively “new” couple of almost 9 months and chose to participate as a proactive step in building upon our foundation. It exceeded our expectations! Initially (working with other couples) felt more vulnerable, but it quickly became a critical element that enhanced the exercises because we were able to watch and learn from them, & relate to their experiences. Conversely, it felt nice when other couples could relate to our dynamic/experiences and share how they connected. It jumps right into the work of the counseling without so much of the “getting to know us” type deal. The exercises are similar, but having an “audience” of other couples really enhances the experience by sharing/learning with and from them. It’s more concentrated and powerful in the group!  Extraordinarily well done, Michele and Kristen; having you both share your perspectives lent a nice balance and a more personalized touch to the boot camp! I am So glad that we decided to do this so early on in our relationship…enhanced “us” so much!