fbpx Jennifer K, Seattle, WA

It breathed new life into my marriage. I was afraid it would just rehash what we’d done in years of couple’s therapy but it got much deeper in a shorter amount of time and gave us immediate actionable tools and skills. I loved being able to witness and learn from all the other fantastic couples in attendance. Michele and Kristen are so real and committed to walking the talk. 10/10 recommend.  The dynamic of you and Kristen being present during the sessions. It was valuable to have you both there demonstrating a real love that deals with real problems, just like we all have. I thought it showed an advanced level of using the tools we were introduced to. #relationshipgoals The recordings have such valuable information and I’m happy to have them as an ongoing resource. Just wow. The retreat helped me learn how to discover my true feelings and needs and express them effectively. I feel more understood and that has renewed my hope for relationship success. Our conflicts decreased and we are more focused on loving each other. I’m so grateful to have had this uniquely wonderful experience. Thank you.