fbpx Tara. M. Massachusetts

AMAZING! My gf and I knew we loved the hell out of each other but had hit a rough spot and basically lost hope in our own abilities to get through… I had no idea what to expect, but wow did it felt like divine intervention! We learned so much about ourselves and each other (thru tears and laughter) and returned home with new understanding and HOPE. Total game changer! JUST GO! Best $ ever spent… The humor, the safe space for openness and vulnerability, the flexibility, and all that you are and bring to these experiences. In witnessing Michele & Kristen’s realness together, we observed the gift of two people who love the hell out of each other and want to do all they can to make it work in a beautiful way. You are 2 wholehearted people which to me was like seeing a unicorn x2! Thanks!! I want to thank you for taking the time SEE us and for creating a space where we could safely go deeper within ourselves and honor the thoughtful process of communicating with love and understanding. In doing so, we were able to break habits of unproductive and even detrimental conversations. I have learned that the goal is not to prevent conflict; rather, the magic is the way in which we repair!