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11 Erogenous Zones – Tips for Lesbian Sex

11 Erogenous Zones – Tips for Lesbian Sex

Tips for Lesbian Sex: 11 Erogenous Zones for Women that Every Lesbian Couple Must Explore

If you are a lesbian couple interested in tips for lesbian sex, or simply sexually active with a woman, this information about erogenous zones is a must read for you. Let’s start by explaining, what is an Erogenous zone?  This is simply a highly sensitive area of the body that, when touched or stimulated, will excite sexual feelings for the person being touched.

These areas, also called erotogenic zones, tend to have a high concentration of nerve endings which link to key pleasure regions in the brain and the genitals.  While there are areas of the body that are typically universally more sensitive for everyone, not all people experience “sensitivity” as pleasurable, thus you will need to explore and experiment and pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal feedback you receive during this sensual expedition.  Don’t be shy about asking what she likes, too!

When it comes to tips for lesbian sex, understanding the highly concentrated pleasure-sensitive nerve endings, the clitoris is the winner, hands down.  In fact, the clitoris is so fascinating, I plan to write an entire post about this little chickpea next, so we will not discuss this obvious pleasure center today.  While there are definitely more than eleven key erogenous zones for women, these are the ones I suggest you start with.

The power of these non-genital pleasure centers is that when activated, these large clusters of nerve endings will often communicate their happiness to both the brain and the genital region while stimulating pelvic contractions.  Pelvic contractions heighten sexual tension and are necessary for arousal and orgasm, and when you are able to build strong contractions during foreplay, you are ultimately able to help your partner experience a more powerful orgasm.

Starting from the top (as in the scalp), the following tips for lesbian sex will cover the eleven areas are worth paying special attention to as you venture into the land of foreplay.


    • The scalp has a lot of sensation and when you lightly scratch, rub or massage the scalp, you can activate pleasurable sensations. Scalp massages release the stress hormone oxytocin, often called the “love hormone.” The scalp has plenty of nerve endings and a good massage can get your blood flowing and enhance relaxation – a great antidote for tension and anxiety which greatly impede satisfying sexual experiences.


    • Ears are full of nerve endings, and areas worth paying particular attention to are a soft touch or kisses to the outer edge of the ear, as well as behind the ears.


    • The skin surrounding the edge of the mouth, where you would outline your lips with a lip pencil (should you fancy yourself a lipstick lesbian) is very sensitive. We have the buccal nerve to thank for this. Use the tip of your tongue to trace the edge of her upper lip, lightly, and see if she enjoys this sensation.


    • The entire neck is sensitive and likely feels good with a soft touch.  However, the area between your jawline and shoulders is a strong erogenous zone.


    • The area between your shoulders, particularly the small dip where the neck connects with the collarbone, is very sensitive. In the dip, there is little fatty tissue covering the nerves, thus it is more pleasure-sensitive.
    • A light touch with your fingertips from one shoulder to the other, pausing in the small dips of your collarbone, to circle this extra sensitive area, may feel very arousing to her.

Nipple and Breast stimulation 

    • Breasts are very sensitive for many women, and spending time slowly exploring (with your fingers, cheek, mouth, tongue, and lips) the entire breast, circling the nipple, and building a desire to have her nipple touched, can be a sensory treat for your partner.
    • Nipple stimulation activates a part of the brain called the genital sensory cortex, which is the same area activated by vaginal, clitoral and cervical stimulation. This creates a direct connection between the nipples and the genitals, which assists some women in having an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.

Rib Cage to Hips

    • Move your fingertips, or lips, with enough pressure to avoid tickling, from the bottom of the rib cage to the hips and you will reflexively cause the pelvic-floor muscles to contract which increases arousal. The pelvic floor is key to a strong orgasm, so when you can get the attention of her pelvic floor, you are on the right track.

Belly Button

    • The belly button for some women is very sensitive and has a direct link to the clitoris. Neurologically, the belly button and the clitoris grew from the same tissue at birth, so they are neurologically connected.
    • If touching or licking the belly button is too intense, or not pleasurable, try moving a couple of inches south (three finger-widths), and caress or even press on this area, known as the “sea of energy.”  Doing so is said to increase blood flow and release tension, both of which contribute to a stronger orgasm.

Small of back

    • The vertebrae in the small of the back contain sacral nerves, which conveniently connect directly with the genitals.
    • A gentle massage, kisses, soft stimulation, or in some women a karate chop to the small of her back (hey, whatever works), can assist in stimulating pelvic contractions.


    • Running through our legs is the ilioinguinal nerve which, when stimulated, also has a desirable effect on pelvic contractions.
    • Try massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles, with special focus on the inside of her thighs (this is one of the must-explore erogenous zones for women) with the soft touch of your fingertips, or a gentle  pressure with the flat of your hand – depending on her response, starting at her knees and moving downward and back up again – repeating this for a while.


    • It has been discovered that the clitoris is located next to the toes in the female sensory cortex.  It is believed that when the toes are stimulated, there is an erotic benefit in the female sensory cortex because of the arousal signals are received in a location in the cortex right next to the location the signals coming in from the clitoris are received.


If you are reading this article because you are a lesbian couple who is concerned about your sex life, you are smart to be doing something – anything, toward gaining tips for lesbian sex.  Here is another article you might enjoy on tips for lesbian foreplay.  lesbian foreplay, tips for lesbian sex


There are a lot of differences between male-female and female-female sex lives that go beyond the obvious.  If you are serious about turning your sex life around, consider attending one of my workshops, or do some online lesbian couples coaching or counseling with me.  Click here to schedule on my online calendar.


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