Strategy 13 – A Happy Relationship is a Team

Strategy 13 – A Happy Relationship is a Team

Is your relationship happy?  Is it a team sport?

Just like any successful team, a happy relationship is a team sport.  A happy relationship requires that each partner function as a team.  This means that each partner has to take care of her
self and develop personal skills and abilities to continually make meaningful contributions to the team. happy, relationship, team

When you partner in life, you are teaming up with another person to achieve a very important goal. Your relationship team’s goal is simple: to help yourself, and your partner, become your best selves possible.

When you decide to invest yourself with another in a shared, intangible entity called a relationship, both you and your partner are impacted by the choices you each make. Just as a team either wins or loses, one partner can not win if the other loses, so the goal is not “who is going to win,” in a happy lesbian relationship, the goal is, “how are we both going to win?”

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