Happy Lesbian Couples Stages of a Relationship:  Strategy Seven

Happy Lesbian Couples Stages of a Relationship: Strategy Seven

Do you know the Happy Lesbian Couples Stages of a Relationship

Happy Lesbian Couples Stages of a Relationship is necessary so that you can keep your expectations in line with how a healthy relationship naturally develops.

There are three key stages of which you should be aware.

Although there are several different perspectives on relationship development, they all follow a similar path. The three stages discussed here were developed by Harville Hendrix in his best selling book, “Getting the Love You Want.”

STAGE I:  Romantic Stage. We all know and love this stage. This is the part of your relationship where you feel passionately attracted to your newfound love. It is during this time that you are likely to spend every minute thinking about her and longing to be near her while  chemically assisted in this phase of relationship development. If you want to know more about this, just read the fascinating book by Helen Fisher entitled, “Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.”

Because of these chemicals, you often have more energy and can operate on much less sleep than usual. Your senses are alive and heightened so that everything tastes better, feels better, smells better, sounds better and as a result, is better. I bet if you sit for a minute you can remember foods, songs, scents and even visuals of times in your life when you were falling in love, whether you still nurture that particular love or not.

The entire purpose of this stage is to bring two people together for the purpose of committing. Your natural body chemistry responds to your attractions by flooding you with feel-good chemicals, long enough for you to decide that committing is a good idea!happy lesbian couples stages of a relationship

STAGE II:  Power Struggle.   After the chemically assisted process of romantic love has done its job, and you have made a commitment, you are typically rocketed into the next stage, seemingly without warning, which is the power struggle.

The second stage of relationship development is designed to help both partners find themselves again after the romantic stage simmers down a bit. Often, at this time in a relationship, just after both of you feel more secure in your commitment and in your relationship, you come out of the chemically-assisted-love-fog, only to realize that you have spent so much time thinking about, spending time with, and focused on your new love, that you have neglected some key responsibilities in your life.

This stage is marked by enough security to begin examining all of the ways your partner is SO DIFFERENT from you, and here begins the struggle.  It’s not so much the struggle fo
r power, as the stage name suggests, but for the right to assert your individuality, and the desire for your partner to be a little more like you.  We humans tend to think our way is the best way, and falling in love does not seem to exempt us from this thought.  The sooner we realize there’s room for both of us to be right, the quicker we will move through the struggle and into a more satisfying love.

STAGE III:  Real Love. When you arrive at a place in your relationship where you look at one another with respect and admiration without the need to change this or that about your partner; when you really accept who she is, inside and out, without judgment; and you realize that she feeling the same acceptance of you, then you have arrived at the most amazing place ever, called real love.

Real love is about helping your partner become the best version of herself while accepting, loving, supporting, and celebrating who she is along the way.