Grow Your Relationship – Lesbians

Grow Your Relationship, Lesbians (GYRL).  This is a year-long commitment that involves monthly sessions with me and four other lesbian couples in your couples cohort.  The monthly meetings are 90 minutes and we will discuss a series of relationship topics and I will provide you new skills to practice during the month to improve your relationship.  This is resource is best suited for couples not in crisis.  Though, over the course of the year long commitment, you may experience a crisis and the cohort is a great source of support for you to continue nurturing your relationship and getting through the tough times.  This experience requires a year long commitment of $95 / month.  This is another great way to maintain relationship growth in a more affordable way.

GOAL:  The vision for this class is multifold.
  • Encourage you to have a more conscious (and therefore more successful and satisfying) relationship in 2014.
  • Offer a more cost-effective way to nurture your relationship than personal couples therapy, with particular focus on couples that already function well, and to realize the benefit of consistently growing your relationship.
  • Find strength and insight from other couples.
  • Create a place to process relationship challenges, and expand your ability to problem solve within your relationship.
  • Hold yourself, and your relationship, accountable to your
THE CONTENT:  Provide you with a new relationship concept/skill each month, along with tasks, exercises, and suggestions for how to develop that skill throughout the month.
You can expect us to discuss a lot of new research-based data that I have recently learned, and continue to learn, in my Gottman Institute Training (for which I have completed two of the three part training, and will finish the third part in February). I will also, of course, incorporate the tenants of Imago Couples Work, some new dialogue uses, and lots of helpful stem statements to assist with specific areas of your communication.
You will learn about the importance of “cognitive room,” in relationships, the role of we-ness, the dreams within your conflicts, how to soften your communication start-ups, the reasons you need to accept your partner’s influence, how to recognize and address issues with your meta-emotions, and more.  It’s good stuff.  Just sayin’.
THE PROCESS:  There are options for both an in-person and an online experience.  The online experience will be held in a virtual classroom with each couple logging into an online platform (which will function with both Mac and PC users) where I hold a class.  Each couple will need a strong internet connection (ideally hard-wired to your connection source).  All couples will be on screen at the same time, and with the classroom-type software, I can also screen share, etc. to create a unified learning environment.  This whole adventure is a new experiment for me, and one that I am super excited about.

CLASS SIZE: I will need at least four couples to make this group function well. I will not have more than five couples, or it will be too big.

COST & COMMITMENT: Each 85 minute class is $95. You are asked to pay via paypal where you will be automatically charged for the $95 each month (on the same day of the month you sign-up) for the duration of the 12 months, or alternately I can set up an automatic withdrawal via your checking account, if you prefer.