Benefits of Premarital Counseling Online | Lesbian Marriage Preparation

Benefits of Premarital Counseling Online | Lesbian Marriage Preparation

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Falling in love is the easy part.

Growing love in the context of a long-term, committed relationship, well, that takes a bit of work.

That’s why it is a good idea to get a thorough relationship checkup before you make one of the most biggest, life-changing choices of your life: getting married. 


Benefits of Online Premarital Counseling

Online marriage preparation offers easy access to a lesbian relationship specialist, and that is no small feat. Expert lesbian relationship care is hard to come by. To find specialized lgbt couples counseling is even more difficult. Finding expert lesbian premarital counseling? Pfft. That is specific. And, frankly, I am pretty that sure that I am the only lesbian relationship coach and counselor currently offering non-religious premarital counseling in the world.  Now that gives new meaning to finding a needle in a haystack. And yet, here you are – and I guess that makes me the needle. (I’ve been called worse). 

 ounselor or coach who specializes in lesbian relationships is .  specialized l of accessibility, and time-savings. Most pre marriage counseling programs include a relationship inventory test or a relationship assessment tool, whether it’s a SYMBIS Asessment, Prepare Enrich Assessment, or the Gottman Relationship Check-up used in our premaarital counseling. 

As long as you have a private space to meet via phone, tablet or computer and internet access, you are good to go. Sessions take place in my HIPPA approved video room. If you are unfamiliar with this, you can do a quick and easy free-download of software on the device you plan to use, and once it’s downloaded, you simply enter the URL of the room at the time of our session and we will be face-to-face on the computer screen, from our separate spaces.  



 What does premarital counseling online include? 




Marriage preparation with me starts with a thorough assessment (Gottman Relationship Checkup) of your relationship, that covers the five key areas of a relationship:

Friendship and Intimacy

Trust and Commitment

Conflict Areas

Shared Meaning

Individual Concerns

STEP TWO: Results Session ($205)

Once the assessments are complete, you will schedule an 85-minute session with me to discuss the results of your completed assessments. During this session we will review the current status of your relationship and discuss in detail both your strengths and your challenges. 

With premarital counseling online, you will get a thorough overview of your relationship and a clear picture of what is working, and what needs attention. We will identify the most vulnerable areas of your relationship and you will receive feedback about the seriousness of these vulnerabilities and what it will take to address them. 


STEP THREE: Vision Homework (included in process)

Following the Results Session, you will be provided a vision exercise to take home. This exercise will guide you through an exploration of your expectations for your relationship, as well as how you wish for your relationship to support the person you are, the values you hold as important, and the feeling experience you wish to have on a day-to-day basis. 

The vision exercise is a critical component that offers you a deeper understanding about how you think about the role of a relationship in your life, and what expectations you have about a long term relationship. This exercise is driven by the belief that:


The “right person” is the one with whom you can create “the right relationship” that allows and encourages you to be and feel the way you wish to be and feel in this life. ♥️

STEP FOUR: Strategy Session  ($205)

This session will combine the results of your Gottman Checkup assessment and your Relationship Vision homework to provide you with insights, strategies and skills to practice in an effort to help you strengthen the areas of your relationship that put your future happiness at risk. Relationships are designed to add to our lives, not take away. 



Once you complete Premarital Counseling Online, you will have the option to continue with additional strategy and skill building sessions in an effort to help you gain the skills you need to grow the relationship you desire. 



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