Strategy One for a Happy Lesbian Relationship: Accept Yourself

One of the most important ways to build a strong foundation for your rhappy lesbian relationshipelationship is self-acceptance.  This is not limited to lesbian couples.  It also applies to heterosexual couples, and mixed orientation couples, poly folks, and biracial couples.  Having a strong happy relationship requires that both partners to the relationship nurture their most outstanding self.  This begins with self-acceptance.

In non-traditional relationships, there is a higher potential for societal rejection, social disapproval and family or parental disappointment.  Therefore, it is essential to accept yourself as a lesbian before you can expect others to accept this about you.  We teach others how to treat us.

To be accepted, we must accept ourselves, our choices, and our relationship.  Every choice you make that discounts your relationship will chip away at its integrity, one piece at a time. You cannot, for example, create a happy lesbian relationship if you are not comfortable in your lesbian skin.

If you don’t accept yourself and your attractions to members of the same-sex, then you are at a very high risk of eventually rejecting the one you love because he or she represents what you are not able to accept about yourself. As is true for other relationship configurations.

We cannot build a strong foundation of love on fear and self-loathing.