To schedule an appointment with Michele O’Mara visit the online scheduler 24/7.


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1.  FIND A TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  You will see a calendar of times that are currently available.

2.  LOGIN OR REGISTER.  If you are a current client, simply click on the time you want, and then login as prompted.  If you are a new client, click on the time you want and then register on my confidential online scheduler.  SAVE YOUR PASSWORD AND USERNAME AND YOUR SECURITY QUESTIONS.  Unlike some of the most secure websites (like banks, for example), this is a HIPPA approved electronic medical records system and to protect your privacy there a more hoops than usual in getting into the secure portal.  Don’t fret, though, if you forget your credentials, I can send you a password reset and a username reminder, just email me.

3.  BE REMINDED.  You can determine (with the settings) whether or not you wish to be reminded of the scheduled session by email, phone, or text.  Fancy, huh?  You can also adjust the time zone if you are doing an online session with me and you are from another state or even country – if you don’t, the times will default to EST which is my time zone.

4.  SCHEDULE SEVERAL SESSIONS.  Lastly, if you know you want to have several sessions with me and that you have limited availability, be sure to grab the times that work for you well in advance so as to avoid difficulties getting the times you want in the future.

5.  COMPLETE ONLINE INTAKE INFORMATION.  Once you complete a quick registration, you will be asked to complete your registration forms online and they will automatically be forwarded to me.  Save a tree…there is no need to print these forms, or to bring them along with you.  Also, once you start filling out the forms, you can save your work and return to it later if you wish.

6.  TO RESCHEDULE.  You can either return to this webpage to reschedule with me, or you can simply visit which will take you directly to my online schedule.  WWW.OMARATIME.COM



Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.32.21 AM