fbpx Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat Reunion 2019
Sante Fe Lesbian Couples

Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat Reunion

Join us for our first annual Adventure in love REUNION RETREAT. We will gather in Sante Fe, NM from October 9-13, 2019.


The Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat is our first REUNION RETREAT. In keeping with the spirit of Adventures in Love, is designed with the same driving force that all of our adventures are using the LAUGH factor. Learning. Adventure. Understanding. Growing. and Healing. Laughter is essential, and it is a sign that we are on the right track, no matter how serious your relationship concerns are. 

For the Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat Reunion, part of the group will gather in a private, comfortable Airbnb (see images below). We can accommodate There is room for three couples to stay onsite with us in a private room (two private rooms will share a bathroom, one private room has its own private bathroom). After you register, the exact location of the AirBnB will be provided to you. There are also 2-3 spots available for those who wish to participate in every minute of the workshop (meals, sessions, and our social adventure on Friday night) but do not need, or wish to find their own, lodging.

Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat Reunion

Sante Fe Lesbian Couples Retreat Reunion offers a mixture of time learning, time playing, shared meals as well as some time on your own to create an adventure of your own in Sante Fe. This is our first annual Adventures in Love Lesbian Retreat Reunion, and we are hoping to create an advanced skill-level experience for couples seeking to continue deepening their skill-set and ability to move your relationship in the direction of “better.” We also hope to create a fun environment that offers more of a vacation/playful feel, while allowing you to continue building friendships you developed in an earlier retreat. This is an exciting experiment for us, and our goal, as always, is to create experiences that enrich your life and your relationship with a strong emphasis on play and enjoyment, coupled with meaningful relationship growth opportunities.


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