What do you do when your partner is regularly breaking up with you, only to ask you back shortly thereafter?

If you are experiencing a relationship, of any length, that involves frequent break-ups, make-ups, and on and off behavior, my suggestion is this:  find out who you are without him or her.  Spend time with friends.  If you don’t have friends, make them.  Join groups, Get hobbies.  Get involved in your own life.  

The worst thing you can do for a future with or without her is sit around and wait for her next move.  Once you know who you are, you will know what you want.  The person you are, the real you, can decide if your life is better with or without him.  Take a personal growth time-out.  Go grow yourself.

Take the same interest in yourself that you wish he would take in you.  Find yourself.  Find yourself.  Find yourself.  Then enjoy your life without him – long enough to know what is added when you’re with him.

Be true to your own goal and timeline.  You can be sure that your ex will resurface as soon as you start to gain some independence and appear as if you no longer need him or her.  Hold the line.  If he or she wants you at this point in your self-growth process, don’t stray from your personal growth time-out.  Stick to the plan.  Let their attraction grow, while you do the work of deciding if the relationship is worth another shot.  Be brave enough to endure the pain of all of the unknowns, with the belief that you will find a more enduring happiness when you source it from the inside out, not the outside in.