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Lesbian Retreats by Adventures in Love

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Here's what participants are saying about the couples lesbian retreats they have attended with Adventures in Love.

“I would say that it was truly one of the most  unique and valuable experiences of my life.”  

Gwen – Washington (Burwell, NE 2018)

"I learned more about functional couple’s communication in one weekend than I have in over thirty years of working in the mental health field! I feel so fortunate to have attended during the early phases of a relationship so we can use the tools to lean into this love with confidence! THANK YOU!!"

N. - Fishers, IN (Austin, 2019)

“A mind-blowing experience in which I felt that Michele nurtured the relationship and our love for each other while gentling leading us to truths about ourselves.”

Frankie – Jackson, NJ (Burwell, NE 2018)

“It’s a game changer for your relationship.”

Amanda Mellen (Austin, 2019)

A feeling of fun, safety, and inclusion. Michele is highly skilled, real, and compassionate.  The retreat allowed us to get real about our issues while making real progress in our relationship.

N. - Washington (Burwell, NE 2018)

It was fantastic. I simply cannot put the experience into words, the best thing I can say is GO!!! Experience this wonderful retreat for yourself! Your life is sure to change for the better!

Tricia Williams, Rubicon, Wisconsin 2019)

I didn't know what to expect going into the weekend, but I was very impressed overall.  It was a nice mix of lecture material for the group and couple role plays with a focus on couple-specific issues.  The tools learned during the seminar are very applicable.  Highly recommended! Good food, a wonderful mix of people, a good book to take home.  Honestly, I wish it was longer!!

Lindsay Thorstenson, Buda, TX (Austin 2019)

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 Michele O’Mara, LCSW, Ph.D. is an expert lesbian relationship coach and psychotherapist with a comfortable obsession with all things related to love and relationships between women. She is particularly fascinated by lesbian couples in blended families, issues of infidelity, lesbian sexuality, lesbian premarital care, loving out loud, and recovery from lesbian breakups. She is the author of Just Ask: 1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship, which is available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon, as well as an app on Itunes /Google play. As a side-hobby, she operates a quirky site called "AskLesbians.com" where she randomly polls lesbians to satisfy the quirkiest of curiosities. Lastly, she and her wife Kristen host Lesbian Couples Retreats in various destinations, and you can learn more about those at lesbiancouples.co. This article is an adaption of Chapter Six of a dissertation written by Michele O'Mara, PhD. Tap here to read the entire dissertation in a pdf format.

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