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Online counseling, internet therapy, life coaching online, virtual therapist, whatever you call it, it’s available here!


I had no idea how easy it would be to bring my therapy services to you via the internet. I got hooked on Skype (a free online web cam service) in early 2009 and I decided that this is a perfect way to extend the boundaries of my services. So far, thanks to the internet, I have reached coaching clients in many of the U.S. states, and beyond, including: Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Canada, England, and Iraq.

The counseling process is surprisingly similar via the internet as it is in person. Well, except that occasionally your cat or dog may join us for a session (or sometimes just sit on the keyboard!). Also, I notice that clients typically seem more comfortable in their own environment- talking. The work is being done right where it needs to – at home!

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What Skype Clients Say about their Experience

“I was hesitant to try a Skype counseling session. I wasn’t sure if it would be intimate enough or if I would feel comfortable talking to a therapist on my computer instead of in person. I was very pleasantly surprised. Being able to talk with Michele while sitting on our couch in our living room after the kids are in bed has worked wonderfully for us. We both feel perfectly as ease and the interaction with Michele is seamless. Michele is very in tune with our body language and our interaction with each other, none of which has been in any way inhibited by working via Skype. In fact, I feel that our Skype therapy sessions with Michele have been more productive and worked better for us than meeting in an office locally would have”. ~Kate from Wisconsin

“Internet counseling is new, and with anything new comes skepticism. I have to say, I wasn’t sure how I would even feel about doing it. As it turns out, I love it! And I’ve already met some amazing couples from Ohio, Wisconsin, Maryland and Kansas and beyond. And all of them took a chance on Skype because of the same dilemma: “We just wanted to find someone who specialized in gay and lesbian issues and there is no one locally that we feel good about going to.”
~ Anonymous

Commuter Couples!
There is a counseling solution if you and your partner are not in the same city, or if you travel a lot for business and are having trouble finding a time for counseling, or maybe your partner is in the service – on a tour of duty? Skype offers multiple callers on one screen now, so you can be in one city (or country) for that matter, and your partner an be in another.

Another Skype Client explains:

“Skype sessions with Michele offer us a great deal of freedom. The freedom to work with Michele. The freedom to work with a therapist who truly understands the nuance of our relationship. The freedom to work together from any location. Our sessions on Skype have gone smoothly and easily – I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work this way. We get to work with Michele and she can see the interactions of our relationship in action from anywhere in the country.  We have worked with other local therapists, and while they are good people and we found some benefits; as a lesbian couple there were just so many areas that were not understood, or needed to be clarified. Working with Michele means we don’t need to explain that stuff. We are accepted and understood. And with Skype it means we get Michele, even though we live in Maryland. Who would have thought you could have an Imago session from a thousand miles away? It works with Skype.” ~ Couple from Maryland

5 Simple Steps to Online Therapy, or Internet Counseling with Michele

5 Simple Steps to Online Therapy, or Internet Counseling with Michele

1. Schedule a time from (be sure to adjust your time zone on the schedule if you are outside Indiana)

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2. Once you’ve scheduled, you will receive a link to my secure video room.

3. Once you schedule, you will have the option to complete your paperwork directly online.  

4.  Make online payment via Paypal at least 24 hours in advance of our session.  You will receive an invoice 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

5.  Meet me online at the time of our schedule appointment. Click on the link provided to you for the video session. Once the time is right (and I’ll likely be with other clients up to the minute so don’t fret if you call early and I don’t answer, just sit on your couch like you are in my waiting room – help yourself to a glass of water, glance through the latest Advocate, Curve, or People magazine – and I’ll be right with you!)