Marriage Retreats and Workshops for Lesbian Couples

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Michele O’Mara, LCSW, PhD

As a Certified Imago Therapist, a Gottman Trained therapist, and a Clinical Sexologist, Michele O’Mara is uniquely qualified to assist you in caring for your relationship. In addition to couples counseling (both in-office, and online), Dr. O’Mara has created two powerful lesbian-specific couples workshops designed to heal, empower, valdiate, and grow your love and connection. (Go here for more information about Michele)  


Relationship counseling for lesbians is available with Dr. O’Mara either online or in-office. Visit here for more information about lesbian couples counseling. Or, if you wish to schedule an appointment, you can visit her online client portal at


The Lesbian Couples Workshop

In this two-day workshop, you will submerge yourself in a compassionate environment of other lesbian couples where you will learn specific skills, resources information, and exercises designed specifically for same-sex female couples.

  • spend a weekend with other couples that you can relate to and feel safe with
  • discover new skills, and information about improving your relationship
  • discuss topics specific to lesbians – such as friendships with ex’s, dealing with families of origin, negotiating time together and apart, and more…
  • practice new fail-proof ways to communicate 
  • discover how the imago theory can change your whole understanding of your relationship
  • learn relevant scientific, long-term research conducted by John Gottman



REGISTER at least 30 days prior to the weekend to save $100

You’ve got Questions.  We’ve Got Answers.

For two decades, I (call me Michele, Dr. O’Mara is too formal for my liking), have spent my career focused on lesbian relationships. As a lesbian, I have a keen interest in what makes relationships work, and the obstacles that make relationships feel like work. I have pursued ongoing training (Gottman Method), certifications (Imago Therapy, Discernment Counseling), and even a PhD in Clinical Sexuality – all in search for greater understanding. My dissertation was on the Correlation of Sexual Frequency Among Lesbians and their Relationship Satisfaction. Simply put, this work is not a job to me, it’s a life-long passion. It fills me up to see couples reconnecting; re-discovering all of the reasons they choose one another in the first place, and to find new pathways to a better-feeling relationship. This is my jam. It’s what I do. It’s what I love to do. Try me, I think you’ll like me. 

  • Sensitivity and Understanding. Lesbian couples helpers are sensitive to key issues that are unique to lesbian relationships (rapid bonding, pleasing behaviors, heightened sensitivity to one another’s mood, and “energy,” merging/fusing in ways that negatively impact sexual frequency, difficulty retaining freedom and independence, and so many other dynamics that are typical in lesbian couples relationships)
  • No Stereotypes. There is little risk of being stereotyped or misunderstood, or having to educate your therapist on simple things like, “yes, marriage is legal,” and “no, we don’t hate men,” etc…
  • Lesbian Support Network. With me, you will have access to a network of other lesbian couples through participation in lesbian couples retreats hosted by me and my wife throughout the US; develop friendships and connect with other lesbian couples with whom you can relate and build friendships. And, did I mention these retreats are an awesome way to grow your relationship and have a fun adventure all rolled into one? Yep… let the good times roll. Seriously, ladies, this does not all have to be so heavy, so serious, and so overwhelming. Baby step your way to better, and enjoy the journey.  
  • Relatability. You tell me you brought a Uhaul on your second date, I laugh because I understand what that means. You tell me you love Brandi Carlisle, I don’t say, “who is that?,” I say, “I love her – we saw her in concert in Washington, DC last May and she was awesome.”  You get my drift.
  • No Assumptions. Your relationship helper does not assume that your family accepts you, that you feel safe at work being open about your relationship, and I do not think that just because you are a lesbian you are comfortable in your own skin. I get the many varied nuances of life as a lesbian.
  • No cookie cutter understanding. I understand that religion, the size of the town you grew up in, the timing and circumstances of your coming out, and your first awareness of your sexual orientation as a lesbian, or as a person who loves women, may complicate the choices you make about your life, how you feel about being attracted to women and I understand the impact this may have on your relationship.
  • Blended = Extra Challenges. I am acutely aware that blended families are particularly difficult for lesbian couples and there are multiple important dynamics that need to be considered whether regardless of your ex’s gender. (*NOTE: if you are a  lesbian couple in a blended family and it feels almost impossible, don’t fret, you are not alone with this feeling!).
  • Lesbian-Reproduction.I know how lesbians have babies. Turkey baster, right?  (you know I’m joking, right? .. I do that, unlike a lot of couples helpers).
  • Lesbian family planning. I know the difficulties involved in family planning for lesbians, and deciding: 1) should we have kids? 2) how many? 3) who carries? 4) fertility/no-fertility? 5) adoption? 6) who goes first? 7) how long do we try? 8) how do we communicate this to our families 9) how does adding a child to our life affect our relationship? 10) how do we help our child(ren) grow up feeling proud of their family in a world that doesn’t always value lesbian couples relationships? and more…
  • Sexual Fluidity. Lesbian relationship helpers understand that just because a woman is married to a woman does not mean she is not, or has not, or conceivably will never be, attracted to men. Sexuality is quite fluid for women and men, and new research is exploring how attractions are not accurately described when reduced to a person’s gender (which, by the way, is also fluid).
  • Gender Roles. A super-qualified lesbian couples helper (don’t try this at home), understands the importance of gender roles in a lesbian relationship and that gender can be very fluid and changes in your partner’s gender expression can affect how your relationship feels to you, your partner or both of you.
  • Authentic. Because a lesbian couples relationships helper is not worried about being politically correct, and in my case, I am “one of those lesbians,” it is easy to be natural, authentic and comfortable. Sometimes I am known to use profanity. (Please inform me if this offends you, as that is never my goal). 

This is an unparalleled adventure in love where you are invited to submerge yourself in a compassionate environment of other lesbian couples with two main goals: better your relationship and have an enjoyable getaway.

You will learn specific skills, resources information, and exercises designed specifically for your particular relationship.

  • spend a long weekend (sometimes more) with other couples that you can relate to and feel safe with
  • discovering new skills, and information about improving your relationship
  • discuss topics specific to lesbians – such as friendships with ex’s, dealing with families of origin, negotiating time together and apart, and more…
  • practice new fail-proof ways to communicate 
  • discover how the imago theory can change your whole understanding of your relationship
  • learn relevant scientific, long-term research conducted by John Gottman
  • explore new cities and have fun meeting new couples
  • enjoy downtime just getting to know other couples
  • As for self-disclosure, there will be opportunities for couples to volunteer to role-play a skill, but your level of disclosure about your relationship is entirely up to you. You do not have to share anything about your relationship with the other couples that you do not want to.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that your benefit directly correlates to your sharing, howwwwwever, the choice remains yours.
We will convene in a meeting room around a large table that is casual, intimate and functional. There will be breaks to stretch and snack (beverages/snacks provided). There will be a blend of education (lectures), process (discussion about what we are learning as it applies to your relationship), and exercises. All exercises are done privately with your partner, separate from the group. Michele O’Mara will observe each couple doing their exercises and be available to guide and support your individual work.
What makes this such a good financial investment in our relationship?
This is less than half the cost of the equivalent amount of couple’s counseling! Payment plans are available if necessary, and we do accept Visa and Mastercard as payment options.
The workshops are about building outstanding relationships. The emphasis is on strengthening relationships, creating a hopeful, forward-moving momentum on which you can continue building and strengthening your relationship.

Though this is not counseling, and in many ways it is more like an intensive class on relationships, these couples workshop do offer you all of the benefits of counseling and more. The workshops are designed to bring out the best in both you and your partner, for the good of your relationship.

  • Receive 75% more for your investment than you would in couples counseling – and gain more immediately useful information to put into action right now. For the same cost as 2.5 couple’s counseling sessions, you can receive 12 hours of tools, education, counseling and a rare opportunity for peer-couples support and inclusion in a community of health-oriented couples!  12 hours of couple’s counseling = $1560 or 12 hours of couple’s weekend = $550 ($275 each), if you register 15 days in advance, or $650 ($325 each) if  you register less than 15 days prior to the workshop.
  • Expedite your healing, insight, and relationship growth.  Receive three months worth of counseling in one weekend by attending The Couples Workshop!!
  • Enjoy the benefit of learning from other couples, their experiences, and gain insight and support from other couples that you can not get anywhere else!
  • It is actually not only beneficial to your relationship, it is an enjoyable experience, and you are sure to laugh and meet new friends.
If we are traveling from out of town, do you have any tips about where to stay?
Because my office is 15 minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport, there are many hotels in the area.  If you search my office address online, you can look for nearby hotels that way (2680 E Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168).  Also, if you are wanting to be downtown Indianapolis, that is only roughly 20 minutes away. While I’ve never been inside, there is a motel within walking distance to my office and it was renovated in 2014.   A call to them informed me that one-bed room is $59/night and two-bed room is roughly $65/night.

Whitehouse Motel 
2688 E Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168
What do couples who have done these workshops have to say about it?
  • “I learned a huge, vulnerable spot for [my partner] and saw how it plays out in our relationship. Also, I identified a big hole in my past that affects how I connect with her.”
  • “Michele was funny, entertaining, and so wise with wonderful words of wisdom, compassion and understanding.”
  • “You must be willing to explore your inner depths. If you are willing, you will be rewarded many times over.”
  • “I have learned many things about my partner and myself that I didn’t have a clue this is why I sometimes act the way we do. The communication style is going to be helpful for us!”
  • “This experience was life changing!!!”
  • “It was phenomenal.”

“You have to do this! I wished it wasn’t ending. It can change your life. It will raise your awareness about yourself and your partner to a new level.”

~ Anonymous

“It is enlightening, very helpful. I am incredibly hopeful for our relationship after attending.”

~ Jackson

“It is enlightening, challenging, and well worth the time to make your relationship better. I learned more about effective communication with my partner than I’ve ever known in 5 years together.”

~ Casey

“The weekend was very informative and enlightening. I felt grateful, inspired and emotionally connected. Although I felt vulnerable at times, I also felt growth within myself and my partner. The relaxed feeling/environment made me feel more comfortable sharing.”

~ Chelsi

“Wow…enlightening. More than I ever expected. I learned more about my partner and myself than I could have imagined or would have been able to on my own.”

~ Anonymous

“It wasn’t what I expected and I am pleasantly surprised with how much I learned about myself and my partner.”

~ Heather
– Allison, Indiana

This has changed the trajectory in our relationship. While therapy sessions can help, setting aside this amount of time, learning the tools, and doing it with other couples is the perfect combination to learn and grow.

– Lindsey B. Indianapolis, IN

The moment I walked into the conference room, I felt like everything would be OK. It was powerful for me to see the other couples sitting there and know they were there because they too need support. The sense of community was a comfort to me.

– C.B. Indianapolis, IN
– T , Indiana
– Gen, Lawrence, Indiana
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