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For over a decade, lesbians have been traveling from all over the United States to attend retreats with me (Michele O’Mara, Ph.D.)  to heal and grow their lesbian love and relationships. Now we are hitting the road – it’s our turn to bring Lesbian Adventures in Love to you!

The Adventures retreats are customized, intensive experiences to help nurture and grow lesbian love. These relationship-nourishing getaways are designed for couples in search of a springboard powerful and effective enough to launch you into healing and/or growing your lesbian relationships with actionable steps and strategies that work. 

“I learned more in one weekend than I have in working over 30 years in the mental health field.”

“a game changer for your relationship,”

“a mind-blowing experience,”

Each lesbian couples retreat packs enough punch to rival three months to a year of weekly couples counseling (depending on the quality of care you are currently receiving), which creates a smart investment of your time and your resources. 

Retreats are a quicker, more effective resource for healing and enrichment,  which also makes them more cost-effective.   

“one of the most unique and valuable experiences,”

“a feeling of fun, safety and inclusion,”


“It breathed new life into my marriage. I was afraid it would just rehash what we’d done in years of couple’s therapy but it got much deeper in a shorter amount of time and gave us immediately actionable tools and skills. Our conflicts decreased and we are more focused on loving each other. I’m so grateful to have had this uniquely wonderful experience. Thank you.” – Jennifer K, Seattle, WA


You Want to Stop the Madness

She won’t talk to you.

Nothing you say seems to get through to her.

You feel shut out and unable to reach her.

The more you work to get her to open up, the less she talks.

You feel powerless and afraid you might be losing her.

You want to move close to her, but you fear she will reject you.

Can You Relate?

You feel criticized and blamed.

Her strong emotions overwhelm you.

You avoid conversations, hoping for peace.

It feels like you are walking on eggshells.

You worry you’ll never get things right in her eyes.

You want closeness, and worry it will end in conflict.



Traditional lesbian couples counseling is not helping, or, you can’t get her to go.

You attend session after session. Sometimes you leave the session hopeful. Other times you are fighting before you leave the parking lot.

The negative dance continues. 

You want help, but nothing seems to be helping your lesbian relationship.


While retreats are more powerful than individual lesbian couples work, sometimes the timing of retreats do not line up with the urgency of your needs. For the next best thing, sign up for online couples counseling with expert lesbian relationship coach, Michele O’Mara, PhD

Retreats are available throughout the year in different cities and states (and in time, countries). Click the button above to see the upcoming lesbian retreats available in the near future. If you need help NOW, check out online lesbian relationship coaching by clicking the other button above to the left.

Customized Retreats

There are no cookie-cutter workshops. Small (4 to 8 couples), intensive, custom experiences are the launchpad for lesbians committed to growing strong, satisfying relationships. When you attend a retreat, you join our growing tribe of Lesbian Adventurers in Love. 

As Seen In


  • Relationships are co-created, there are no “bad guys” in love.
  • Growth requires a blame-free, criticism-free environment where everyone feels safe.
  • Happy, satisfying relationships are a practice, a way of life
  • With courage, openness, willingness, and authenticity, you can create the relationship you desire
  • You can achieve anything with an outrageously supportive community of other lesbian couples celebrating your lesbian love alongside you


 Michele O’Mara, PHD

Michele O’Mara has had a lifelong obsession with love and relationships. She has turned this obsession into a career of helping lesbian couples prepare for, repair and enrich their relationships.

She has multiple degrees and certifications in human behavior and relationships. (BSW, MSW, Phd in Clinical Sexology, Certification in Imago Therapy, Gottman Method trained on all three levels, Certification as a Discernment Counselor, and a training with Sue Johnson, Founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy). And she  is the author of Just Ask!

She will challenge you to grow while simultaneously holding you safe enough that you know you’ve got this. Ridiculously happy relationships are possible, even for you.

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Kristen O’Mara

Kristen O’Mara is a passionate ball of love, scattering her good energy wherever she goes. 

After graduating with a degree in education, she brought her enthusiasm for life and learning to grade schoolers. As it turns out, Kristen did not like being confined to a classroom all day, and decided it is a lot more fun to drive students to and from school.

When the wheels on the bus aren’t going around and round, she is either doing monthly drill with the Army Reserves, or using her magical ways of making our house always feel like a home and our hearts feeling full of love.

During the Adventure Retreats, Kristen is the comfort coordinator who will ensure that you are comfortable, fed and hydrated. 


Michele O’Mara, PhD, LCSW  |  9783 E 116th St PMB 3204 Fishers, IN 46037 | P. 812.302.2002


Questions and Answers

Is this worth the expense?

This experience is a two-for-one. It is both a mini lesbian vacation plus a lesbian couple boot camp. It would cost a minimum of $2200 to cover the amount of material we cover in the course of the weekend. An hour of couples counseling is worth roughly $156. To cover the material you will learn in the course of this retreat it would cost a minimum of $2184 and it would take over three months if you weekly sessions. This retreat is not only a powerful springboard for lasting change, it is also a cost-effective way to put your lesbian relationship goals on the fast track.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are willing to explore payment plan options on an individual basis. The closer you are to the retreat weekend, the less flexibility we have to offer you a payment plan. If, however, the retreat you wish to attend is 6 months away, we do have the flexibility to work with you on the timing of your deposit and subsequent payments, as long as you are paid-in-full by the start of the retreat weekend.

Us the “Got Questions” form at the bottom of this page to inquire with us about payment plan options.

Is it safe to talk about anything in the group setting?

We value your sense of safety and security above all else. There is no topic that is off limits as long as it is about you and not the other couples. You are 100% in charge of what you share and how open you choose to be.

What is coaching, why is it not counseling?

Relationship coaching is a partnership between the coach and the couple, that points your relationship in the direction you desire. Coaching is designed to support your relationship journey with new skills, insights, and the creation of a roadmap that will lead you toward a satisfying relationship.

We are in a great space and we want to keep it that way. Is this a good fit for us?

Many couples have attended the couples retreat in the first few months of their relationship with the goal of “getting it right.”

What if one or both of us are not comfortable talking in front of others?

Above all else, we value the importance of each person feeling safe. If you, or your partner, do not feel comfortable talking, you will be encouraged to stretch yourself into taking more risks, while respecting your limits and your wish for privacy. Ultimately, you will always remain in charge of what, when and how much you share. It is our job to create a safe setting and the inspiration to take risks in order to get a better outcome.

Can I submit this expense to insurance?

No. The lesbian couples’ retreats are relationship coaching experiences Insurance reimbursement requires the use of a counseling license in the state services are provided in, as well as a diagnosis explaining the mental health disorder being “treated.” This is medical model flies in the face of our philosophy. We do not see people as broken and needing “treated.” We view people as having rich and textured histories that cause a variety of responses that make sense when you take the time to understand the whole story. We find healing through understanding, love, connection and authentic support.  So we say, “no thank you,” to the medical model in our work with couples.

What if we are considering breaking up?

The desire for your relationship to work is all that you need in order to benefit from this retreat.

Whatever the outcome, you will leave the retreat with a better understanding of what it will take to move forward, or what occurred to derail you. (Note, if you register for the retreat and break-up before the retreat starts, you are still expected to attend).

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. For the intensive retreats you receive a $50 discount on your registration fee. If you plan to register and qualify for this discount, please send us a copy of your ID and we will adjust your final payment to reflect the $50 discount.

What happens after the retreat?

The door is wide open to you and your relationship and you are invited to join a growing community of lesbian couples at whatever level you wish.

You can join a retreat-specific couples cohort – a support tribe with monthly online check-in and support sessions with Michele; and you can continue communicating with your tribe-mates, as well as other couples from other Retreat Tribes in a private Lesbian Adventures in Love community of lesbian couples.

We will also be  creating more supports and services as we grow. some of these include:

  •  self-help online groups for couples;
  •  more affordable and accessible retreats that are larger-sized  (think 100 lesbian couples in a large hotel with break-out groups for specific issues);
  • a volunteer Ambassador Couples program for couples who are passionate about helping other couples and wish to be involved in future retreats as a helper couple
  • and more…

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of the retreat?

You will leave the retreat with a dramatically deeper understanding of one another and of your relationship. You will gain effective, actionable steps to take to move you toward your relationship goals.

You will leave the retreat with what you need to begin practicing your way into a better-feeling relationship.


“I would say that it was truly one of the most  unique and valuable experiences of my life.”  

Gwen – Washington (Burwell, NE 2018)

“I learned more about functional couple’s communication in one weekend than I have in over thirty years of working in the mental health field! I feel so fortunate to have attended during the early phases of a relationship so we can use the tools to lean into this love with confidence! THANK YOU!!”

N. – Fishers, IN (Austin, 2019)

“It’s a game changer for your relationship.”

Amanda Mellen (Austin, 2019)

A feeling of fun, safety, and inclusion. Michele is highly skilled, real, and compassionate.  The retreat allowed us to get real about our issues while making real progress in our relationship.

N. – Washington (Burwell, NE 2018)

It was fantastic. I simply cannot put the experience into words, the best thing I can say is GO!!! Experience this wonderful retreat for yourself! Your life is sure to change for the better!

Tricia Williams, Rubicon, Wisconsin (Austin, 2019)

Adventures in Love is an awesome experience! My wife ended up calling it “Love School” by the end of the weekend, and it was pretty accurate! We learned a lot about how to communicate with each other, generally & with specific topics, and it was so helpful to have other couples around to relate to!

Cathie A, Massachusetts (OBX 2019)

This is a must do for your relationship. Whether you have been together for 2 years or 20….it is a game changer. Amazing material. Amazing coaching. Amazing tools for communication. Seriously amazing. Truly something that was magical. An experience that will not be forgotten.

Lori, Salt Lake, Utah (UT 2022)

The retreat helped me learn how to discover my true feelings and needs and express them effectively. I feel more understood and that has renewed my hope for relationship success. Our conflicts decreased and we are more focused on loving each other. I’m so grateful to have had this uniquely wonderful experience. Thank you.

Jennifer K, Seattle, WA (UT 2022)

Got Questions?