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Lesbian Relationship Checkup

Lesbian Adventures in Love

Lesbian Relationship Check-Up

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The Lesbian Adventures in Love LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP CHECK-UP
My relationship supports the best expression of my authentic self.
I am grateful to be in my relationship.
I am satisfied with the quality and amount of time we spend together.
I enjoy doing things that make life easier and more enjoyable for my wife/partner.
My wife/partner makes me feel special, loved and desired.
I look for ways to make my wife/partner feel special, loved and desired.
I am 100% committed to my relationship, even when things are difficult.
I take responsibility for my feelings when I am hurt, frustrated or concerned.
We are able to have difficult conversations that lead to both of us having a better understanding of ourself and each other.
My wife/partner is my best friend.
My relationship is my #1 priority.
I put effort into learning how to be a better partner.
I feel comfortable and deserving when my wife/partner does things to make my life easier.
I tell my wife/partner what I need in a productive, kind and clear way.
I believe I deserve my wife/partner's love.
I feel safe to share vulnerable thoughts, feelings and fears with my wife/partner.
My wife/partner accepts me for who I am and does not try to change me.
My wife/partner knows me better than anyone else.
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