Once you complete an Adventure Retreat you automatically become a part of our Adventures Tribe, as well as your specific Retreat Tribe. Our tribes are analogous to a campground (very lesbian of us, eh?). The Adventures Tribe is like the campground and your Retreat Tribe is like your campsite.

Each Retreat Tribe is ecouraged to build on the rapid bonds that develop during your retreat in three ways:

1. Continued Group Communication through the private communication app

2. Post-Retreat Monthly Tribe Support Sessions (see more info below)

3. Reunion Retreats which allow couples to coordinate annual getaways with one another while adding additional skills to your relationship toolbox. (These will become more affordable as we grow, and the reunion retreats attract more couples).


The Adventures Tribe is for all retreat participants, and to encourage a community of happy lesbian couples we have an online private facebook group at You must attend a retreat to join this group.



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Post-Retreat Power Debriefing 
(1) 85 min session $155 (save $50)

    • Summary Debriefing of Relationship
    • Strengths & Challenges
    • Post-retreat Suggestions for Continued Work
    • Personalized Relationship Plan of Action

Post-Retreat Reinforcement Packages
(3) 50 min sessions $350 (save $40)
3) 85 min sessions $555 (save $60)

    • Identify a plan of action to address relationship needs
    • Practice improved communication and deeper understanding
    • Update and celebrate the “story of us”

Post-Retreat Repair Packages |Stable Couples Looking for Reinforcement and Growth-Enhancing Strategies
(6) 50-minute sessions $665 (save $115)
(6) 85 min sessions $1045 (full payment)(save $185) or3 payments of $350(save $180)

    • Inventory of hurts and resentments in need of repair
    • Engage in repair work
    • Develop improved communication skills with difficult topics

Post-Retreat Uncoupling Package
(4) 85 min sessions $715 (save $105)
(4) 85 Min Sessions (2) monthly payments of $360 (save $100)


    • Affirm the formal agreement to uncouple and outline the tasks involved
    • Living arrangements, creating and sharing the narrative together, a division of assets, timelines
    • Establish deeper understanding and acceptance of the need for uncoupling
    • Establishing new identity, relationship with one another, and boundaries as a non-couple
    • Identify individual needs and formally release the relationship
    • Retreat-specific Check-in Sessions
    • The retreat-specific Support Sessions are designed to build on the community of couples you bonded with during your original retreat OBX19.
    • The support sessions occur monthly and last for 2-hours.
    • Sessions provide couples check-in time, as well as practice and learning opportunities to build on, and add to, retreat lessons.
    • Online meetings will be held on the platform
    • A minimum of 4 couples is needed to create and maintain a Retreat-specific tribe.
    • Those interested will negotiate day/time for recurring monthly check-in meetings that are compatible with my availability too.
    • This will remain your home tribe no matter how many other retreats you attend unless you choose to join another tribe after attending a future retreat.
    • If a tribe loses a couple, the open space can be offered to a tribe-less couple from another retreat.
    • $95 / Month Per Couple (pay monthly, commit to 6 months at a time to foster continuity of topics and the stability/safety of the tribe)
    • EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, and if enough couples are interested, we can begin negotiating the day/time.
  • For every paid couple to a Customized Adventures in Love Retreat, you will receive a $75 credit toward our services.
  • There is no limit to the number of referral credits you can accumulate.
  • Credits must be used one year from the date the credit is activated.
  • Credits can be used toward a coaching session, a post-retreat couples’ package, or post-retreat support group tribe.


  • Email me the couple’s names if you have made a direct referral so that I am aware when they register to credityour account;
  • Or, have your referral enter your name on the registration form where it asks, “How did you hear about us?” This is the best way to get credit for any posts you might make in a large Facebook group, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.. or on other social media. You do not have to personally know someone to get credit for referring them. You just need to be sure they know to acknowledge that you’re the reason they knew to sign up! 
  • Your referral will count as long as it is not someone with whom I am already working or who already knows me and my work.
  • Once they have completed their retreat, your account on the client portal at will be credited $75 per referral.
  • If you belong to social media (or any other) groups that include a lot of lesbians, a simple post about your recent experience doing a couples retreat and anything great you might say about it, along with links for the upcoming retreats could generate questions and interest. If you post on a particular site/group, let me know when/where and if a couple registers giving credit to this group, I can inquire more specifically about what prompted them to sign up. If they saw your post, then you get credit!





  • Three retreats completed: NE18, AUX19, and OBX19, with 13 lesbian couples and 26 total women
  • Three Retreat Tribes: #1 (NE18), #2 (AUX19), and #3 (OBX19)
  • Each tribe is connected through a private communication app
  • We have a closed Facebook group for retreat attendees to connect to other Adventurer’s at
  • We have developed Post-Retreat Monthly Enrichment Sessions for couples seeking ongoing structured enrichment, healing, and support (see below)]
  • We created an Adventures gift store (
  • Adventures Tribe member benefits include:
    • 1) discounted post-retreat coaching packages (see below) 
    • 2) a 10% discount on all future couples retreats (excluding reunion retreats which are only for repeat participants)
    • 3) $75 referral credits toward retreats, resources (to come), and coaching sessions for each couple you are responsible for motivating to complete a customized small-group retreat

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