Lesbian Brides share Lesbian Love Stories

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Lesbian Brides share Lesbian Love Stories Scatter Love PROJECT

Do you have a desire to add more love to this world?  Would you like to share positive vibes and use something you already have, that will cost you nothing to share, to make someone’s heart swell, and lips smile?  You can do this, with one single photograph (or more), and your lesbian love stories, if you care to share.

If you are interested in putting your amazing love story to use in a positive and helpful way, I want to help you do that now.

Here is how it works.

Submissionslesbian love stories

Please email your submission to us. It may take a week to respond.  Feel free to follow-up after a week if you do not hear from us by then.

To set up your Bride’s Page, simply provide any or all of the following information in an email to us (we will need, at a minimum, one photo and your wedding date and year).

  1. Your names (first, first and last, whatever you wish), and your wedding date and year*.
  2. Your favorite images from your wedding*. (Do not include people in the photo without their permission to be on this site).
  3. A short (3 minutes or less) video clip if you wish (exchanging your vows, for example?) – if you send a longer clip, we can edit if you provide the time stamp on the video you wish to use.
  4. Your lesbian love stories in 750 words or less.
  5. Your actual wedding vows (especially if you wrote them yourself).
  6. Your favorite love song from your wedding.
  7. Any readings, poetry or words of love that were spoken at your wedding.
  8. Any other images or words that convey big love that will swell hearts and spread smiles.

Once uploaded and completed, I will send you a link to preview your page, and the link to promote it.


  • ASSUMED CONSENT TO DISTRIBUTE By creating a Bride’s Page on the Lesbian Brides Scatter Love project you are consenting to allow us to use and make public, the photos and information, and lesbian love stories you provide. These photos and information will be shared on social media platforms and distributed as widely as possible to assist in the mission of this project: to scatter love.
  • IDEAL IMAGE SIZE The ideal image size is 800px wide and 450px tall. Please be sure to only upload images that are yours. While you may be excited to know a lesbian couple and perhaps you have a great photo from their wedding, we need to be sure that couples are uploading their own photos.
  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE Photo’s and information may not be uploaded and used for commercial purposes to promote or sell goods or items; they are to be used to scatter love.
  • RESPONDING TO COMMENTS If you receive comments or feedback on your bride’s page, you are invited to respond to these comments directly. All comments coming in and going out are to be 100% positive and consistent with the mission of this project – to scatter love. (Negativity will be swiftly and thoroughly removed).
  • SHARE YOUR BRIDE’S PAGE LINK To participate as fully as possible, please help scatter love by sharing your guest page link. To find your link, go to your guest page once it’s complete, click on the URL box – where you enter a web address, and copy that entire link.  This link is what you will share with others.  Share to any of your social media pages:  facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, reddit, and wherever else you can reach to scatter love.  If you don’t have social media, email the link directly to all of your friends.


  • If you are self-conscious about your writing, remember this is not a grammar context. Remember, these are YOUR lesbian love stories and you can’t get it wrong. We will provide minor edits if necessary. You can, however, use a free grammar service to assist you Grammarly’s free service.
  • We may add a short introduction or conclusion to your post if necessary to make the LBSC project more effective.


If for any reason your Bride’s Page is not accepted, you will be notified and provided a clear explanation with details upon your request.  This is highly unlikely unless there are images that do not align with the mission of this project.