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At Lesbian Adventures in Dating (LAID), we are committed to taking the stress and struggle out of lesbian, bisexual and queer women finding one another. We create uniquely enjoyable experiences designed for dating at the speed of lesbian.







Imagine downloading a lesbian dating app (LaidEvents Lesbian Dating App). Only, instead of swiping, scrolling and messaging, you have a list of LIVE events that are available either in person (Covid-willing) or online. 

Then, on the day of the event you’ve registered to attend, you will be joined by 25-50 other women-loving-women, along with me, your event host. The event will start with all participants in the Social Lobby. At live events, this is the gathering area where you can mix and mingle with all event attendees (and depending on the venue, you can probably also grab an adult beverage of your choice).  For virtual events, the Social Lobby is the main gathering room where you will begin the online speed dating experience. 

Once you’re logged into your app  (LAID Events Lesbian Dating App), you will see “My Dates.” This will reveal your list of 6-minute blind dates for the event.  

You will have up to 10 dates. Your dates are automatically assigned based on your answers to questions about who you are and what you like.

For 6 minutes, you will spend time getting to know each date either at a specified table at live events, or in a private zoom room online.  Six minutes goes fast (even in the most awkward of situations). After each date you will provide your follow-up preferences in the app. (No Interest ❌, Friendship Interest 👍🏼, or Romantic Interest ❤️)

Your date will timeout in 6 minutes. The lesbian dating app will guide you from one date to the next, and you will also have a couple of breaks which provide you a chance to socialize with other lesbian dating participants throughout the event. At the end of the event, you will return to the Social Lobby for a formal goodbye and a reminder of how to view your matches from the event. 

You will be provided contact information for all matches. This rejection-proof dating will communicate your interests at the lowest common rating only. So, if you indicate interest in romance, and she indicates interest in friendship, you will be matched as friends. (She will not be informed that you expressed interest in romance unless she also expressed interest in romance). If you indicate interest in friendship and she indicates no interest, then nothing is communicated. If you both indicate interest in romance, then you will be matched for romance. 


Social Rooms provide an opportunity to meet women you may not be paired with for a 1:1 date. You may also  be in a social room with someone you were on a date with. That’s what makes random so fun – you never know who will be there! 




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ABOUT Michele O’Mara, LCSW, Ph.D.

Relationships are my thing. Some would say, my obsession. While I only scored an 83.75% on my own “How Lesbian Are You” test,  don’t let that fool you. Since returning to school in the ’90s for my MSW, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: help lesbians grow outrageously joyful and satisfying love lives. 

I am that person who has built her life around one thing: lesbian relationships and women loving women. For fun, I do things like create online quizzes at asklesbians.com, to learn more about real lesbians. Or I write books. like, “Just Ask: 1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship,” to give couples an easy way to communicate. (www.1000question.app)

And, now that our boys are young men, my love, and my wife, Kristen, and I are helping lesbians grow outrageously joyful and satisfying love lives through Lesbian Couples Retreats, and lesbian speed dating events throughout the U.S. in awesome destinations. 

You can learn more about couples events at lesbiancouples.co.

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