next CLASS STARTS on WEDNESDAY, once 6 to 10 women pre-register

Lesbian Dating Class


During a time of social isolation, dating struggles have increased dramatically. Let us put you in the company of other single lesbians who are committed to dating with intention and authenticity. The Dateable LesBiQ is a live video eCourse on lesbian dating designed for single women who are romantically interested in other women (WLW).


When you pre-register, you will provide your payment information but you will not be charged until the first day of class. The first day of class will be scheduled once a minimum of 6 to 10 women are registered.

Reasons to join us

✔️ I would like to put myself in a healthy environment to meet other WLWs who enjoy personal growth.

✔️ I am just coming out, feeling overwhelmed and intimidated about how to approach the unfamiliar world of WLWs.

✔️ I love the idea of being able to talk face-to-face via video conference with other single WLWs each week, in a safe, structured, non-threatening way.

✔️ My WLW dating and/or relationship history has left me feeling untrusting.

✔️ I feel hopeless about my ability to meet other WLWs and to fall in love.

✔️ I have been told by important others that I need to communicate more, or be more open.

✔️ I have lost faith in my ability to make healthy dating decisions.

✔️ I feel like I’m pretty dateable already, but I’m always looking for ways to improve

✔️ I am ready to change my relationship status, without changing who I am.

you don’t have to go it alone

✔️   Join the online class from anywhere in the world

✔️  Enjoy face-to-face, online video sessions with other single WLWs

✔️  24/7 access to live virtual classroom with a class feed that allows you to communicate with all classmates at once, or to direct message them

✔️  Stay connected to classmates long after the eCourse ends


Create Your Personal Dating Vision


Develop an effective roadmap to guide you in your dating experiences, and increase your chances of attracting the relationship you really want.

The Role of Attraction



Discover the unconscious forces that influence who you are attracted to, and how to use this information to improve your dating success. 

Boundaries & Communication


Learn how to harness the power of good boundaries and open communication to take your dating life to a whole new level.



Learn how to step more fully into your most authentic self so you can attract a more authentic relationship.

Dating Stages


Lesbians are not famous for dating, we are famous for U-Hauls. Learn the power of dating, really dating, and how to use to the “ladder of love” to hold yourself to a higher dating standard from the start!



Learn how to use our dating tools and strategies to hold you accountable to making the next right choice as you negotiate the wonderful world of lesbian dating. 




how you will benefit


✔️  Learn how your unconscious mind influences your dating life.

✔️  Develop the ability to discern healthy vs unhealthy attractions.

✔️  Clarify and sharpen your vision of a dream partner.

✔️  Explore the role of attraction in dating.

✔️  Improve your communication skills.

✔️  Strengthen your ability to respect, set, and maintain good dating boundaries.

✔️  Learn how to date with integrity by becoming a more authentic dateable Lesbian.

✔️  Identify how your unconscious mind can sabotage your dating life

✔️  Learn the dating stages.

cOurse cost

The course is priced at less than one 50-minute coaching session. You will receive 6 weekly live face-to-face video sessions, homework, and accountability through virtual classroom participation to keep you inspired. You will also experience a supportive community of single lesbians interested in dating with intention and authenticity.

This is an effective and authentic course to assist you on your dating journey. We can’t wait to meet you and help you get pointed in the direction of your ideal dating life!

    • Cost: $129
    • You will not be charged until the first day of class
    • Class will begin once a minimum of 6 or a max of 10 women are registered 

who’s behind this?

The Dateable Lesbian course was created by the founder of LesBiQ Adventures Online, Michele O’Mara, PhD. The Dateable Lesbian is a powerful and rare resource designed specifically for single women who love women (WLW). Dr. O’Mara has been working with WLW in private practice since the early 2000’s.

She has training and/or certifications in all three top relationship theories, lesbian datingas well as Discernment Counseling: 

  • Imago Certified relationship therapist (2005)
  • Gottman Method trained in all three levels (2014)
  • Additional training under Sue Johnson in EFT (2015)
  • Certified Discernment Counselor (2016)

By working with lesbians over the past two decades, Dr. O’Mara has become very attuned to the many strengths and challenges for lesbians – being single, being partnered, experiencing infidelity, breakups/divorce, family rejection, blended families, difficulty finding women to date, negotiating online dating sites, and even issues related to coming out of a heterosexual marriage. Dr. O’Mara has a passion for all things lesbian, and is deeply committed to supporting and inspiring women who love women to live authentic and intentional lives that encourage self-love and deep personal joy.

The Dateable LesBiQ is one of many courses she has created to assist WLW in living and loving well.

Nothing changes, unless something changes.

Is it time for you to make a change?

Let’s do it together.

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