Lesbian Couples Workshop: A Soul-Inspired Relationship

lesbian couples, soul-inspiredWhat do you get when you combine The Law of Attraction, the Imago Theory, Gottman Research, and years of experience working with Lesbian Relationships?

A new and original lesbian couples workshop by Michele O’Mara, called: Lesbian Couples Workshop: Creating a Soul-Inspired Relationship ​

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FEB 24-25, 2018  SAT 12:00-5:00pm & SUN 9:30-4:00pm 2680 E Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168

Don’t settle for a relationship 
​that prevents you from being yourself. 
                                                       – ​
Oprah Winfrey

What exactly is a A Soul Inspired Relationship?

A relationship inspired by the soul is one where both partners practice encouraging, inspiring and allowing so that one another can step fully into that which they are, and only that which they are, in support of one another’s joyful, soul inspired aliveness.


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  • A soul-inspired relationship is the practice of two people who encourage one another in becoming that which they are, and only that which they are.
  • Soul-inspired couples strive for better and only better. There is no place for worse.
  • Soul-Inspired couples practice the Law of Attraction.
  • In A soul-inspired relationship partners notice, listen, share, and respond to their own, and one another’s, feelings.
  • Soul-inspired couples are invested in releasing limiting beliefs and making room for better, soul-affirming beliefs.
  • Soul-inspired couples take responsibility for their choices and actions and take steps to repair when necessary.
  • A soul-inspired relationship nurtures the truest, most positive, narrative available.
  • A soul-inspired relationship happens in the now.
  • Soul-inspired couples allow love to flow freely between each other, giving and receiving with generosity and ease.

This experience will offer you a new pathway to…

  • discover the power available to you and your partner to create the relationship of your dreams
  • learn a new way to practice loving one another
  • experience greater satisfaction and joy by feeling exactly as you wish to feel about yourself and your relationship
  • awaken to your soul’s calling and discover your partner’s soul’s calling
  • learn how to support one another in loving as big, as generously, and as fully as your hearts can stand
  • meet other lesbian couples who desire a soul-inspired relationship

Relationship is an art. The dream that two people create is more difficult to master than one.  –  Don Miguel Ruiz


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Skills you will develop include …

  • identify how to use the law of attraction to greatly improve your relationship
  • learn how to use your personal GPS system to guide your relationship in the most satisfying direction for both of you
  • discover how to nurture the truest, most positive narative about each other, your interractions, and your relationship
  • the tools necessary to experiencing outrageous joy
  • develop the ability to tap into your desires and use this to fuel a more connected and meaningful relationship
  • uncover the power of using an appreciative focus in your relationship
  • learn the surprising benefits of allowing for both yourself, and your partner
  • create a shared vision for your most soul-inspired relationship



How much does it cost?

Cost depends on when you register and how you pay (rates are per-couple). Registration and rates are here.

Early Bird Options (30 days prior to workshop)

  • $550 by credit card/paypal (save $100)
  • $150 deposit, 4 monthly payments of $100 (save $100)
  • $525 by check (save $125)

Regular Registration

  • $650 by credit/paypal
  • $150 deposit, 4 monthly payments of $125)
  • $600 by check (save $50)

After you register, checks can be mailed to me at:

Michele O’Mara
2680 E Main St, Suite 121
Plainfield, IN 46168

How can we register?

Lesbian couples can register online here.




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