fbpx Lesbian Couples Skills Workshop - From Conflict to Connection (Part II)

Lesbian Couples Skills Skill Building Workshop

From Conflict to Connection (Part II) (workshop access in-person and online)

SUNDAY, 28 May 2017   |   10:00AM – 05:30PM



Description of From Conflict to Connection, Lesbian Couples Skills Workshop (part II)

This is PART II of a two-part lesbian couples workshop.  Each workshop is a stand-alone experience and does not require that you attend the other.  However, if you do wish to take both, you receive a 15% discount on the second workshop (and the order doesn’t matter).  This workshop offers you very specific research based skills to improve your relationship.  The research has been conducted by John Gottman, author or many books on relationships, including, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

In this two-part lesbian couples workshop, I will address 12 lesbian couples skills.  We will cover six specific lesbian relationship skills in each of the separate, one-day-workshops.  If you want more information on Part I of this Workshop, you can get that information here.  Part of Dr. Gottman’s claim to fame is that he can predict a relationship’s demise by whether or not couples engage in certain behaviors.

Regarding sharing and self-disclosure.

This is a common question/concern for couples.  However, it is up to each couple what and how much you decide to share. This is not a therapy group, as much as it is a relationship skill-building class.  This is a content-heavy class, with a strong emphasis on research-based information that will be used to improve your relationship skills.  There will be a lot of information to digest. We will not be processing individual couple’s issues, however, we will be discussing common experiences, frustrations and concerns that the new skills can help address.


What happens after the workshop?

Over the years I have learned that my workshops offer people a chance to make new couple friends, and I work to support your continued contact.  I have also learned that if you do not put this information to use, you will not maximize your benefit. Toward that end, I provide the following two options for you once the workshop ends.
  • Connect with New Couple Friends:  A hidden benefit of these workshops is the opportunity to connect with other couples.  Toward that end, you will be invited to join a groupme text group with your fellow classmates, and communicate with them after class ends.
  • Email Reminders with Class Content and Exercises:  I am planning to create a series of follow-up emails to give you reminders each week for six weeks following the workshop.  These emails will offer you a reminder about the suggested activities for you to practice once you leave the training. You will also be provided with handouts.
  • Lesbian Couples Workshop – From Conflict to Connection (Part I).  If you find this experience helpful, there is a part two to this workshop, and because you have enrolled in this one, you receive a 15% discount on the next one, should you decide to participate.

In the Lesbian Couples Skills Workshop Part II, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • How do we connect better on an emotional level?
  • How can we keep our conflicts from turning into resentments?
  • How can we read each other’s words and actions through a more positive lens?
  • How can we keep small disagreements from becoming big fights?
  • What are the warning signs that we are headed toward a conflict?
  • What are the real issues behind our conflicts?

The Lesbian Couples Skills Workshop will introduce you to  six specific skills that help you prevent conflict, as well as increase connection.

  1. Engage on an emotional level more effectively.
  2. Recover and heal conflicts to prevent future resentments.
  3. See partner’s actions through a more positive lens.
  4. Manage own participation in conflicts to prevent unproductive arguments.
  5. Learn the four warning signals present during conflicts.
  6. Uncover the dreams within your disagreements

lesbian couples skills


  • 10:00am-12:30pm: Skills 1-3
  • 1:00pm-2:15pm: lunch on your own
  • 2:15pm-5:15pm: Skills 4-6
  • 5:15pm-5:30pm:  Wrap-up

Workbooks provided.  (PDF workbooks for those registered online)


  • In-person location is located at Office Suites West, 2680 E Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168 (seats for 8 couples available)
  • Online access is available for 8 couples via zoom.us (details provided upon registration)

Reference Books by John Gottman



REGISTRATION Payment Options:

$315 PER COUPLE | 15% discount if completed Workshop Part I $267.75 per couple

$157.50 PER PARTNER (if paying separately) | 15% discount if completed part I $133.88 per partner if paying separately


Once you make payment, I will contact you with details about the WORKSHOP:  “Lesbian Couples Workshop:  From Conflict to Connection”  Be sure you check your email associated with your Paypal Account, or email me if you would like me to contact you at a different email.


If you cancel within 15 days of the workshop, your payment will be refunded.  If you cancel within less than 15 days of the workshop, the deposit will not be refunded unless there is an unforeseen emergency such as death or illness. Break-ups are not considered an unforeseen emergency – you can attend even if you have broken up.  In fact, I recommend it!


While I have completed all three levels of the Gottman Clinical Training, I have not pursued Gottman certification, as I more closely align with the principles of Imago therapy.  Thus, I am Gottman educated and Imago certified.  Both schools of thought are valuable resources for couples wishing to depend their connection, and strengthen their relationship.  As with most of my workshops, I have tailored this workshop to lesbian relationships, as that has been my area of speciality for the past two decades.  Therefore, this workshop is not an Art & Science of Love workshop by Gottman, nor is it a Getting the Love You Want workshop by Harville Hendrix. This is a workshop designed specifically by me, based on my work with lesbian couples, emphasizing how to apply the research gathered by Dr. John Gottman.