Happy Lesbian Couples Turn Toward Each Other according to Gottman Institute

lesbian couple, gottman method, turn toward, gottman instituteJohn Gottman founder of the Gottman Institute, has studied relationships extensively.  According to the Gottman method, there are three options when it comes to responding to your partner’s wish for your attention (called a bid for attention). While most of his research is on heterosexual couples, it certainly applies also to lesbian couples.

When your partner attempts to communicate with you, either verbally or physically, you have three options, according the the Gottman method:

  1. Turn away from her, ignore, or pacify her with a response of indifference.
  2. Turn against her and actually express outright frustration or anger at her for the interruption or her need for your attention.
  3. Turn toward her and acknowledge your partner’s attempt to connect with you, by either engaging them in the moment or affirming your interest and offering an alternate time when you will be more available to engage with her.

The Gottman Institute says we will produce the best results when we Turn Toward our partner! Consciously turn toward your partner every day.

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