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What are Lesbian LoveCodes♥︎?

The Six Lesbian LoveCodes♥︎ are love codes of conduct for lesbian couples who want secure, connected, satisfying relationships. The lovecodes♥︎ are FUNDAMENTAL elements of happy, healthy, and secure relationships. These are the trademarks of a healthy relationship and each Code includes the specific skills needed to transform your love into a superpower that supports the expression of your best selves.

What are the Six Lesbian LoveCodes♥︎?

The six Codes include

        • GIVING

        • PROTECTING



        • ENJOYING

        • RECEIVING

How do LoveCodes♥︎ Help Lesbian Couples?

By taking the LoveCode♥︎ Assessment, you can identify the current status of your relationship. This will provide a snapshot of both your relationship strengths and your relationship challenges. The first step to strengthening your relationship is to identify what needs your attention.

Once you complete the LoveCodes♥︎ Quiz, you will have the option to receive a free series of emails from Michele O’Mara, PhD, developer of the Lesbian LoveCodes, which will provide you with information and strategies to strengthen your relationship starting now. 


Is there a class or program I can attend on the Lesbian LoveCodes♥︎?

Currently, The Lesbian LoveCode♥︎ Relationship Transformation Program is only available through our intensive lesbian couples retreats. Eventually, we will be offering an at-home program for couples who wish to strengthen their relationship from the privacy of their home. This is still being developed and we anticipate it will be available in October 2021.  

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