LESBIAN CHAT ROOMS for Singles and Couples


Finding women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer can be a daunting process. If you are just coming out of a heterosexual marriage, or just coming to terms with you sexual orientation, you are probably overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty about what to do. One of the most common questions we hear from lesbians is, “where do I find other lesbians?” 

Sometimes, couples begin to feel isolated and long to develop friendships with other couples. We invite you to join us, too. We have a healthy community of both single and partnered women at lesbianadventures.online. 

We discuss topics that range from dating strategies, to coming out, to dealing with loss, to strategies to strengthen your relationship. We are a safe community committed to the well-being and personal growth of les/bi/q identified women. 

To address this need for more meaningful and accessible connections with other lesbian, bisexual and queer folx, we have created a our FREE online network (similar to facebook, only it’s private and for les/bi/q folx only – no men).

You can join us by going to lesbianadventures.online.

This is a HEALTHY community of people who share meaningful conversations and show up with kindness and respect for both themselves and one another. If this interests you, please click on over, we’d love to have you join us. 

How do I start chatting with lesbians?

We have moved our chat room to lesbianadventures.online. This is a more robust FREE social network for lesbian, bisexual and queer identified folx (no men). We invite anyone who identifies as such to join us, and experience a more meaningful engagement with others like yourself.

Click here to join us at lesbianadventures.online.


What kind of chats are these?

Our community includes both single and partnered people. You are welcome to join us if you identify as POLY, BISEXUAL, UNSURE, JUST COMING OUT, NON-CIS, ETC. However, please be sure your motivations are aligned with the goals of our social network before joining.

Please note that lesbianadventures.online IS NOT designed to be a place for hookups. We have engaging, meaningful conversations and our goal is CONNECTION, LEARNING, SUPPORT AND FRIENDSHIP. If a relationship evolves from this, that’s a beautiful thing, but we are not a dating site. 


Who is behind this free chat?

Michele O’Mara, LCSW, Ph.D., that’s me. Third-person “about me’s” are too impersonal. It’s like saying, “You are loved,” when what I really mean is, “I love you.” Relationships are my thing. Some would say, my obsession. While I only scored an 96% on my own “How Lesbian Are You” test,  don’t let that fool you. Since returning to school in the’90s for my MSW, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: help lesbian couples grow love. While my fantasy to be in the WNBA, and my dream of joining the Peace Corp, or my desire to have twelve children, has faded with time, my fixation on helping lesbians grow love remains. I am that person who has built her life around one thing: lesbian relationships. For fun, I do things like create online quiz’s at asklesbians.com, to learn more about real lesbians. Or I write books. like, “Just Ask: 1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship,” to give couples an easy way to communicate. (Shameless plug – you can get this on Kindle on Amazon, as well as an app on Itunes /Google play). And, now that our boys are young men, my love, and my wife, Kristen, and I are growing lesbian love through Lesbian Couples Retreats throughout the U.S. in awesome destinations where our motto is, “love out loud” with Adventures in Love.  You can learn more about those at lesbiancouples.co.

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