fbpx Lesbian Adventures In Love Individual Result
Your Full NameDavid

Your Partner’s Full NameTest
Your Emailtest@gamil.com
Marital StatusMarried
Length of Relationship0-3 Months
Spiritual CompatibilityPoor

Shared Values & EthicsAdequate

Shared Dreams & GoalsPoor

Shared World ViewPoor

Allowing and Accepting of DifferencesAdequate

Comfort with Gender RolesPoor

Sexual Chemistry and AttractionExcellent

Shared Financial ValuesPoor

Boundaries: FriendsAdequate

Boundaries: Activities – Work, Phone, Hobbies…Poor

Boundaries: Extended FamilyAdequate

Boundaries: Ex PartnersExcellent

Communication SkillsAdequate

Equity & Division of LaborPoor

Resolving DisagreementsAdequate

Repairing & Forgiving Hurts & ResentmentsPoor

Managing Sensitivity and DefensivenessAdequate

Avoiding Criticism and CondescensionPoor

Compatible Sexual InterestsAdequate

Healthy Non/Use of Addictive SubstancesExcellent

Comfort with Same-Sex RelationshipAdequate

Peace with Past TraumasPoor

Co-Parenting SkillsAdequate

Physical Violence-Free ConflictsPoor

Feel Known, Seen and UnderstoodExcellent

Feel I Am Enough As I AmPoor

Feel Respected, Admired and LovedAdequate

Feel DesiredExcellent

Shared Laughter and FunAdequate

Mutual TrustingPoor

Secure with CommitmentAdequate

Sense of Freedom and IndependenceExcellent

Enjoyable Social Experiences and FriendshipsAdequate

Enjoyable Day-to-Day LifePoor

Experience Empathy, Caring and SupportAdequate

Experience Kindness and GenerosityPoor

Sexually SatisfiedAdequate

Overall Relationship SatisfactionExcellent


RankBoundaries, Emotional Connection / Feeling Understood, Sexual Relationship, Repairing Hurts / Forgiveness, Relationship Security / Emotional Safety / Trust, Managing Disagreements / Allowing Differences

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