I wrote a book of questions called, “Just Ask:  1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship.”And then I made it into a nifty little app for Apple products and Android products, as well as kindles.  (see links for these below).

Ten Reasons You May Want to Check this out:

  1. Someone in your life wants you to “talk more,” but you don’t know what to talk about.
  2. You are just getting to know someone, and want the process to be fun.
  3. There are certain topics (like sex) that you want to get more comfortable discussing – you can go right to this section in the app or book and start practicing.
  4. See how well you really know your partner or spouse.
  5. Deepen your connection with someone you love by showing interest in who she is, how she thinks, what she feels, and what she’s experienced or wants to experience in life.
  6. Have meaningful conversations that go beyond the daily “todo’s” and conversations about work.
  7. Use your travel time by getting closer to your guy or gal.  The book or app is a great travel companion!
  8. Keep your curiosity about one another alive – curiosity fuels desire…so this can lead to more desire in your relationship.
  9. Create a shared challenge, to see if you can ask all 1,000 questions within the designated time period.
  10. Show her you love her by wanting to know her.

Whether you are android or apple fans, paperback or kindle fans, there’s an option for you to start learning about each other from this book of questions.  Click on the link of your choice below.


Kindle App
Paperback (amazon.com)
Kindle Book
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