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I wrote a book called, “Just Ask:  1,000 Questions to Grow Your Relationship.”  And then I made it into a nifty little app for apple products and android products, as well as kindles.  (see links for these below).

The questions are designed to help you better get to know important people in your life, particularly someone you are just staring to date, or someone you have been partnered or married to for years.

Do you think you know the answer s to these questions about your partner? • Are you okay with your partner flirting with others? Explain. • Using at least five adjectives, describe yourself as a child. • What is the greatest gift you have offered this world? • If you had to swap any part of your body with someone of the other gender, what would it be, and why? • How has your relationship with a higher power influenced your life today?

Just Ask! is a book of questions designed for anyone who wishes to deepen your connection with others, experience meaningful discussions, and learn more about one another while having fun!

Just Ask! is also a fantastic travel companion. Whether you are taking a 15 minute drive or a 15 hour drive, these questions are sure to help you make good use of the time you spend with loved ones, or even those you hope to love better. It’s fun. It’s serious. It’s playful. It’s challenging. Just ask!


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