Heterosexual couples

Many people ask me if I work with heterosexual couples.  I often jokingly reply, “Of course! I don’t discriminate.”  It’s time I set the record, eh hem, straight:  I DO SEE HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES too!

As an Imago Certified therapist since 2005, and a Clinical Sexologist since 2012, I have enjoyed working with couples who present with a wide variety of concerns. Among some of the most common concerns are couples with the following issues:

  •    infidelity, emotional affairs, and outside attractions that affect the relationship
  •    conflicts regarding whether or not to have an open relationship or polyamorous relationship
  •    differing sex drives/libidos
  •    loss of sexual desire for one’s partner
  •    difficulty with communication
  •    resentment, anger, and “old issues” that were never addressed and continue to linger
  •    questions about wether or not to continue the relationship
  •    deciding whether or not to have a baby
  •    long-distance relationship issues, and adjustments when united in one city
  •    feelings of control, power discrepancies in relationship, and feeling under appreciated/frustrated
  •    pre-marital counseling to strengthen the relationship before marriage/commitment
  •    relationship dissolution, negotiating a break-up with compassion and kindness

A typical session is 85 minutes.  A combination of processing feelings, exercising new skills and tools taught in the session, and a lot of education are provided in sessions, and homework is not uncommon, which allows you to maximize the investment you are making in your relationship.

It is ideal to schedule therapy sessions at least every two weeks (no further apart) when you begin.  Typically, after roughly four to six sessions (two to three months) you will have gained enough new information and skills to begin lessening the frequency of your sessions.  Some couples prefer to come weekly and do so for many months.  Some prefer to come monthly and only come a few times.  Your experience and needs will depend entirely on the set of issues you bring to counseling, as well as your sense of urgency to resolve your concerns.