fbpx The Happy Lesbian Couples Strategy Two

Happy Lesbian Couples Strategy #2: Invest Yourself Wisely.

You are the single greatest resource you will ever have. As the sole manager of the resource called “you,” you are in charge of how you use yourself in this life. The decision to join your life with another, in a committed relationship, is quite possibly the single greatest investment you will (or can) make with your life.

You invest yourself in a variety of ways. Your employment, for example, is an investment of yourself. The return on that investment is your paycheck, your sense of satisfaction, the ability to contribute to society, and for some, it provides a sense of meaning.happy lesbian couples strategy two

The investment you make when you choose a life mate will affect every aspect of your life.  If you struggle to find meaning in your life before you enter a relationship you can be certain you will be disappointed when you do not find meaning in your relationship. This is because your relationship is an investment you make with your life to further yourself toward a higher good—your best self. Your relationship is not an end in and of itself. Your relationship is a means to an end that is shared by another who is ideally headed in the same direction.

Relationships involve the investment of yourself intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. If you invest yourselves in a relationship that does not support the vision you have for your own life, then your return may be low.

How you manage the the resource known as you, directly affects the quality of your relationship, and the satisfaction you will experience in life.

Are you investing yourself well?