fbpx Gottman Relationship Checkup: Assess Your Relationship Health in Detail

The Gottman Relationship Checkup

This relationship checkup is a cutting edge tool available to all couples who are interested in a detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses, along with specific strategies for improvement. (For more detailed information about the Checkup, VISIT HERE)




1.  Register and Pay

Complete the registration form below (OR HERE) to initiate your purchase.

2.  Accept your invitation

You will receive an email invitation from Michele O’Mara, PhD to take the Gottman Relationship Checkup.

3.  Create a profile

You and your partner will be asked to create a private profile that will only be accessible to you and Michele, and not each other.

4.  Complete the checkup questionnaire

Each of you will need to complete the questionnaire before receiving the results.

5.  Receive Checkup Results with detailed information



Once the questions have been answered and submitted, each of you will received two reports.

1) You will both receive an overview of your relationship strengths and challenges. 

This report will summarize the overall findings about the current state of your relationship as it relates to the following categories:

  • friendship and intimacy
  • trust and commitment
  • conflict areas
  • shared meaning
  • individual concerns

You will also be offered specified information and strategies for how to begin improving areas of concern.

2) You will each receive a separate, private report with details about areas of concern for your individual work.

This will include specific suggestions and strategies to address areas in need of improvement.