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The Gottman Relationship Checkup with Scientifically-Backed Relationship Inventories


The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a series of cutting-edge relationship inventories designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Upon analysis of the Gottman Checkup results, you are provided with a detailed Couple Checkup report with specific strategies for improvement. More importantly, this is a scientifically based assessment designed by John Gottman, a leader in couples research, and founder of The Gottman Method and the Sound Relationship House.

The Gottman Checkup draws on decades of relationship research.  The five main areas of the relationship that are examined with this relationship assessment include:

  • Friendship and Intimacy
  • Trust and Commitment
  • Conflict Areas
  • Shared Meaning
  • Individual Concerns
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Great Reasons to Get a Gottman Relationship Checkup

  • pre-marital assessment
  • pre-couples counseling issue identification
  • relationship maintenance and issue prevention
  • annual relationship health assessment
  • strengthening an already great relationship

How The Gottman Relationship Checkup Works


1.  Register and Pay

Complete the registration form below to initiate your purchase.

2.  Accept your invitation

You will receive an email invitation from Michele O’Mara, to take the Gottman Relationship Checkup.

3.  Create a profile

You and your partner will be asked to create a private profile that will only be accessible to you and Michele, and not each  other.

4.  Complete the Gottman Relationship Checkup (a relationship / marriage questionnaire)

Each of you will need to complete the relationship checklists before receiving the results.

5.  Receive Couple Checkup Results with detailed information

Once you have both completed the relationship inventories, I will analyze the results and generate three highly personalized reports. 


REPORT #1: RELATIONSHIP OVERVIEW (sent to both partners)

This report is sent to both partners and will include an overview of your relationship strengths and challenges, validation of what you are already doing well, and areas of your relationship that need attention.

The couple checkup report will cover the key areas involved in a sound relationship. Also important to note, the relationship inventories are based on extensive scientific research conducted over the past several decades by John Gottman.

> Friendship and Intimacy

> Trust and Commitment

> Conflict Areas

> Shared Meaning

> Individual Concerns


All relationships are co-created and both partners are fully responsible for the state of their relationship.  One partner alone cannot be the sole reason a relationship is underperforming. It takes two to be in a relationship; and as long as both partners continue choosing the relationship, both partners are participating in what is working and what is not working. 

The individual reports are for your eyes only and not to be shared with one another.  In these reports, you will be offered very direct feedback about how you are participating in what works and what does not work in your relationship.  The areas in need of most immediate attention will be identified and you will be provided specific suggestions about how to begin addressing these concerns. This work is for you to do, and it is ideal not to share this part of your couple checkup feedback with your partner so that you can experiment with behavior changes without your partner critiquing you.

When Can We Expect to Receive Our Gottman Checkup Results?

Once both partners complete the relationship inventories assessments (the online survey which will require roughly an hour to complete – it is very thorough!), the turnaround time for your results is typically 4-6 business days. In the event, I have more assessments to complete than I normally do, I will let you know in advance the estimated timeframe for delivery of your couple checkup results.  All assessment results are individually analyzed and suggestions for improving your relationship are not cookie-cutter, program-generated ideas, they are the result of my analysis of The Gottman Relationship Checkup, and therefore require my time to provide the best feedback specifically for your relationship.

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