fbpx Meeting Dr. Gallagher: Indiana Surgeon GRS, Orchiectomy, FTM Top Surgery

Meeting Dr. Gallagher: Indiana Surgeon for GRS / SRS, Orchiectomy and FTM Top Surgery 

Gallagher: Indiana Surgeon for GRS / SRS, Orchiectomy and ftm Top Surgery Indiana has been gifted with a new option for transgender folks seeking to align their bodies with their authentic gender.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to meet Dr. Sidhbh “Sive” Gallagher. She is an Indiana surgeon who specializes in gender affirming procedures such as: SRS / GRS, orchiectomy, and ftm top surgery.

From Ireland originally, she is a graduate of the University of College Dublin (in the top 3 percent of her class, I might add). She completed a general surgery residency at Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania. After which she came to Indiana University School of Medicine to complete her plastic surgery fellowship.  She did additional training in Australia and Belgium, too.

As an artist who enjoys drawing and painting, she considers plastic surgery art. In talking with her, she is not only passionate about the technical aspects of her surgical craft, she also has a keen sensitivity to, and appreciation for, the dramatic impact her surgeries have on her patient’s emotional, social and psychological well-being. While showing me some of her before and after photos of top surgeries, Dr. Gallagher commented on how incredible it is to see the relief her patients feel after receiving gender affirming procedures. She understands that this is not a procedure, it is a gender-validating, life-changing step for transmen and transwomen. I found Dr. Gallagher to be easy to talk to, and she has, what I call, “good energy.”

The two most requested surgeries by gender variant clients with whom I work, are ftm chest surgery and gender reassignment surgery (GRS). Prior to 2016, the closest surgeon providing ftm top surgery to transmen was Dr. Daniel Medalie in Cleveland, Ohio. This involved a six hour drive for most Indiana trans guys.

In her first year here, five of the transmen with whom I worked chose her to perform their chest surgery. Feedback I have received following surgery has be resoundingly positive.

As for SRS (vaginoplasty), the closest surgeon my clients could find for GRS was Dr. Christine McGinn in New Hope, PA.  That is a ten+ hour drive from Indiana, making the post-surgery drive or flight home very uncomfortable.

Last year, when the option to see Dr. Gallagher became available, I had a transfemale client ask me to refer to her for a vaginoplasty. In follow up communication with my client, she is also quite pleased with both her experience and the outcomes of her bottom surgery.

Finally, Indianapolis, Indiana is now providing SRS / GRS, orchiectomy and ftm top surgery.  What a gift.

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