Give yourself twelve weeks to tiny-step your way to your own personal breakthrough, 84 intentional days of focus on your personal healing.  Join a group of women (we call “your tribe,” or your “tribe-mates”) and together learn how to listen to your pain, and access your real self, while learning how to protect, and advocate for, your highest good. Every week you will find that you are in a much better-feeling place. With tiny, manageable steps, just one day at a time, you will discover that you have arrived at a place where you not only understand what has happened to cause you so much pain, and specific steps to take to relieve your hurt, you will also find yourself saying, “Yes!  Life is good!”



Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here (payment options below)

How you will get from where you are to where you want to be is with:
  • > 12, weekly 60-minute tribe sessions with Michele
  • > 84, daily emails from Michele
  • > 2, coaching email chats (to be used when desired during 12-weeks)
  • > 24/7 access to private communication (groupme app) with tribe mates
  • > exercises, resources, strategies, and support for 12 full weeks


Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here (payment options below)

The DML BREAKTHROUGH is a wrap-around support program that is designed to keep you company and inspire, encourage, and educate you on a daily basis for 84 consecutive days and you will be amazed at how good you CAN feel.

What’s even better, the cost of this program is less than two therapy sessions a month for the three months you are in the program.


Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here (payment options below)


Once you register for the DML Breakthrough, you have made a 12-week commitment to not only your tribe-mates who will be counting on you to participate, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, TO YOUR SELF!  Payment for your participation in the DML Breakthrough is non-refundable.

In the event you begin a new relationship, or resume your relationship with your ex, you are still encouraged to participate in class.

IF BOTH YOU AND YOUR EX-PARTNER WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DML BREAKTHROUGH, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO SO AT DIFFERENT TIMES, OR IN DIFFERENT TRIBES (if available at the time you enroll).  If each of you attempts to enroll, and there are not two different tribes available, the one who does so first will be granted access to the class.