DML Breakthrough Focus

Week One:  Recognizing the Invitation

  • How to Recognize the Invitation
  • Understanding contrasting emotions and how to use them to grow
  • Recognizing our call to authenticity

Week Two:  Mend the Hammock

  • Threading support
  • Securing co-pilots
  • Establishing trust (self and other)

Week Three:  Pitch Your Tent

  • Clarifying boundaries
  • Identifying crazymakers
  • Understanding the challenges of codependency
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Care

Week Four:  Self-Portrait

  • Connecting with who I am
  • Understanding what I need
  • Listening to what I know, not what I believe

Week Five:  Your Pain Compass

  • Decoding your emotions
  • Physiology of a breakup
  • Nourishing your body (eat, sleep, exercise)
  • Notice, allow, release
  • Joy your way to joy

Week Six:  Anti-virus Scan

  • Examine the stories
  • Mine for the truth
  • Access the power of observation
  • A disciplined mind
  • Segment intending
  • Pivoting power, flip your thoughts
  • Self-soothing
  • Replacing limiting beliefs

Week Seven: Drop the Rope

  • Allowing
  • Accepting what is
  • Surrender
  • Selective shifting

Week Eight:  Ladder of Emotions

  • Getting from here to there
  • Feel good road map

Week Nine:  Don’t Drink the Poison

  • Forgiveness
  • Closure exercise

Week Ten:  Say Thanks

  • The power of appreciation
  • See them as they wish to be
  • Everyone’s story makes sense when you take time to understand
  • Joy seeking

Week Eleven:  Self-portrait

  • Self-knowing
  • Self-feeling
  • Self-acting
  • Self-responding
  • Self-dreaming
  • Self-being
  • Know thyself

Week Twelve:  Float Downstream

  • Abundance
  • Ease
  • The universe conspires to support you