Designing my life Happy



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The Happy Class is based on these five beliefs:

  1. Happiness will always bring out the best in me.

  2. When I am truly happy, I am being myself.

  3. I see things not as they are, but as I am.

  4. Happiness is always freely available to me.

  5. What I appreciate, appreciates.


And we will cover these topics over the 12 week class:  Being Happy | The Happy Decision | Now | Daily Habits | The Happiness Theory | Meditation | Sedona Method |Happy Cells | Appreciative Living | Heart Centered Living | Being Enough | Knapsack over The Wall

“Take it!” That’s all she wrote.This was her answer to the first question on the feedback form for my most recent class, Designing My Life Happy.

The question was, “When someone asks you about the Designing My Life Happy class, what will you tell them?”

Another one said, This is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.”

And another… ”It’s a good class.  It makes you think.  It has a lot of references that you can continue to use.”

You get the point, I’m sure.


I suppose it’s only fair that I mention that if you wish to remain unhappy, absolutely DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS.  Don’t even think about signing up.  If you do not have room in your life for new friends and healthy connections – disregard this class all together.  Seriously, this is not for everyone – this class absolutely has the power to take the grumpy right out of you.  So if you wish to remain unfulfilled, lifeless, and without direction, this is definitely not a good idea for you.