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This is the latest class in the Designing My Life series.  Based on the work of Brene Brown, this 12 session class draws from the curriculum created by Brene Brown called Connections as well as the three books she authored below.


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This class will be a combination of reading, exercises, and class discussion.
The topics are:
Feeling/Understanding Shame
Shame Web / Shame Box
How we see the world
Connection Network / The Power of Empathy
Recognizing Roots of Disconnection
Unwanted and Ideal Identities
Breaking Disconnection Strategies
The Reality Check
Reaching Out
Speaking Truth



If you would like to wait until the class starts to initiate your PayPal payments, simply contact me now to save your seat.  To register today, select your preferred payment option from the following:

1.  12 Weekly payments of $25 (payment will begin once you enroll and continue weekly for 12 weeks from that date)

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PAYMENT POLICY Class size is limited.  To secure a seat in the class you must enroll by either subscribing with PayPal, complete a credit card deduction form for weekly payments, or make 100% payment prior to the first class.  Registration is first-come-first-served.  Once you begin classes there are no refunds, unless you experience an unusual circumstance (such as job relocation or major health issue).  In the event of an “unusual circumstance” you will receive a 75% refund of remaining class credit, or you may transfer 100% of your class credit to a future class.  If you simply choose to not continue in class there are no refunds and if you have arranged payments,  the payments will continue to be collected.