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DML classes




Once you make your payment, you will receive a confirmation email (to the Paypal address unless you provide another email address), letting you know that you are officially registered.  Then a day or two prior to the class you will receive a reminder email so you don’t forget to show up on day one!

The history of the DML Series

Several years ago, after facilitating a 12-week course titled, The Artists Way, to a group of lesbian women, they unanimously requested that I teach another class.  So after two more rounds of classes, using books we had agreed upon, this amazing group of women still wanted to continue working together to learn, grow, and support one another on their respective journeys.

So began the Designing My Life Series of classes.

About the DML Classes

The first class in the series is simply titled:  DESIGNING MY LIFE.

This class is an intense overview of some of the most powerful concepts I have been exposed to over the years, in pursuit of an authentic and connected (to myself and others) experience in this life.  To read more about the class, click here.

The second class in this series is, DESIGNING MY LIFE RELATIONSHIPS.


As a Certified Imago Therapist and a Board Certified Sexologists, one of my greatest passions is the seeing couples succeed in experiencing happy, secure relationships.  To read more about this class, click here.

The third class I created is titled, DESIGNING MY LIFE HAPPY.

This class pulls together the work of multiple authors who have researched and written about the topic of happiness.  Happiness is not a superficial pursuit for hedonistically selfish feelings of pleasure, happiness is the result of living authentically, from the inside out, in a way that exudes a joy that tells the world exactly who you are.  If we all took responsibility for our own happiness, there would be little need for conflict, for happiness is right within our reach, but only always.  Read more here.


This class pulls together the work of Brene Brown.  Dr. Brown took the world by storm after her two Ted Talks on Shame and Vulnerability.  (These are well worth the 20 minutes each that it takes to watch them!).  In this 12 week class, we will draw powerful lessons from her three books, inviting participants to access their truest selves, shedding shame, and finding new and empowering ways to connect through vulnerability.    Read more here.

The most recent class is under development, called DESIGNING MY LIFE COMMUNICATION.

Future classes may be added to this series over time.  If you have requests or suggestions for a class topic, please feel free to email me!


  • Each class is 12 weeks long, includes a workbook, and also provides participants many various exercises used to maximize and personalize the learning experience.
  • The classes can be taken in any order.
  • The classes may also be taken more than once each.  Many participants have taken the same class more than once.