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Designing My Life Class Series 

Where women gather to inspire, empower, and ignite their personal growth.

What started as a small group of six women, gathering weekly for 12-weeks to work through the well-known book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, has evolved into a series of nine separate, powerful, life-changing classes called the Designing My Life series. Over the last decade, several hundreds of women have participated in DML courses. As a result of the closeness that develops among the life-designers who gather for inspiration, guidance, and a supportive community of like-minded women, numerous friendships have formed, as well as romantic partnerships.

After completing the Artist’s Way, the six women in my first class asked me to do a second class, and then a third, and this soon multiplied into nine total classes (as of now). I remain grateful to this original crew for inspiring me to continue growing classes that helped people grow themselves. 

At a time when our country is divided politically, socially and separated physically, we are in need of opportunities to connect in meaningful ways. We are in need of inspiration and hope. We are in need of friendship, compassion, understanding and empathy. Each of these classes, in their own unique way, offers those who gather together each week an opportunity to connect both with oneself, and with others. 

If you are looking for opportunities to grow, connect, see and be seen, understand and be understood, and access parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with, and develop parts of yourself you have been afraid to, then this series of classes will speak to you. Bring your whole self to this experience. We eagerly await the opportunity to get to know you better. 


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COST: 12-WEEK classes are $30/week (12-week commitment) or $300 (save $60)

DATES: New classes will start once a minimum of ten women are ready to begin. 

WHERE: Classes are held online via zoom.us. You will also have access to an online classroom where you can communicate with your classmates 24/7.

Michele’s DML classes are extremely enlightening, and often entertaining! I have taken two of her classes and, through the material we discussed, unmasked areas of my life that I desperately needed to focus attention on. Besides assisting in personal development, I have to say the best thing about taking her classes have been the friendships I have made. The support and encouragement I have received from the circle of women I have grown to know and love has been as life changing as the self-development and fundamental lessons themselves. The classes are time and money well spent and have been a valuable and priceless investment into myself!  – Heidi

“This is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.”   ~ Former Participant

 If you want to learn how to improve your relationships – ANY relationship – and you are willing to look at what’s not working, this course will help you learn and grow in nearly all the relationships you have or will have. ~ anonymous

 I am surrounded by amazing women doing incredible things with their lives. ~ Rosie

Educational and eye opening in a nurturing and supportive environment. It has truly changed me as a person. ~ anonymous

“It’s a good class.  It makes you think.  It has a lot of references that you can continue to use.” ~ Former Participant



Designing My Life Happy


This 12-week class is about the regular movement in the direction of what feels good, or what feels better. By “good,” I am not talking about pleasure seeking, or some hedonistic quest for self-indulgent delights at every turn. I’m talking about experiencing a deep and enduring sense of joy that can only come from a true sense of alignment with who I really am, and what I am really about.
Ultimately, rather than pursue happinessI wish to experience happiness.
My relationship to happiness is like my relationship to the sun. Happiness is not something I can have and hold, it’s something I must notice, be grateful for, soak in, and experience.  Like the sun, I can’t hold happiness in my hands. I can simply enjoy what it offers.  Happiness offers experiences, much like the sun offers warmth, and bright sunny light. Happiness is transient, it moves in and out, and my goal is to delight in the beauty of its perpetual rising and setting, just like the sun.
Happiness is always available to me, even when I am not able to see it through the clouds and storms; but like the sun, the clouds will part, the storms will pass, and happiness will shine my way again.  I don’t have to hold on to it so tightly, or chase it so persistently, when I savor its presence, and trust its return.
Cheers to sunshine and happiness.

The Happy Class is based on these five beliefs

  • Happiness will always bring out the best in me.
  • When I am truly happy, I am being myself.
  • I see things not as they are, but as I am.
  • Happiness is always freely available to me.
  • What I appreciate, appreciates.

Class Topics

  • Being Happy
  • The Happy Decision
  • Now
  • Daily Habits
  • The Happiness Theory
  • Meditation
  • Sedona Method
  • Happy Cells
  • Appreciative Living
  • Heart Centered Living
  • Being Enough
  • Knapsack over The Wall

Designing My Life Law of Attraction

law of attraction

This 12-week class is for women who are interested in creating more aliveness – connecting to their personal purpose, and finding greater joy in life. It’s an uplifting, inspiring class that involves weekly topics, exercises, and amazing discussion with other women who are out to live life to its fullest. It’s a journey – and each week brings you closer to yourself.  (PDF Workbook Included)


What is the Law of Attraction?

We are energy.  Our thoughts our beings, and all that we are in this world is born of energy.  This energy is constantly vibrating, pulsating, creating a charge or frequency that is either positive or negative.  With this energy, we attract like energy.  Therefore, when we are vibrating at a high, or positive frequency, we will find ourselves attracting others with a similarly high and positive energy.  This process is called The Law of Attraction. This law explains how like attracts like.  We get what we think about – whether it is good, or not.  We create and experience life with our thoughts.  When you learn how to discipline your thoughts to work toward your desired goals, you will be amazed at how effortlessly joy will flow into your life.  It’s not magic, it’s a practice.  It’s simple, yet not easy, in that you must discipline your thinking.


How does it help? 

This is not a religion.  It is a way of using your mind and your emotions as a guide to clear a path to that which we wish to create for ourselves in this life.  It is a remarkable force that works whether you believe in it or not.  It is hope, it is direction, it is effective. If you are interested in practicing the Law of Attraction as a means to create the life you wish to live join me in this class designed specifically to guiding you deeper into your deepest dreams and biggest hopes for your life.


Topics Include

  • The Law of Attraction Defined and Understood
  • Creative Workshop
  • The Science of Deliberate Creation
  • Feeling Good Now
  • Vibrational Alignment
  • The Art of Allowing
  • Segment Intending
  • Ask, Receive, Allow
  • Co-Creating with the Universe
  • Emotional Indicators
  • Vibrational Alignment
  • Pivoting Process

Books Used in this Course

The Law of Attraction class literally taught me how to turn my dreams into goals and my goals into reality.  After 25 years of working in the senior care industry, I returned to college to pursue my dream of becoming a Massage Therapist.  In 2015, I graduated top of my class, and started my own business the Monday following graduation. Whatever I want, I go after, KNOWING it is already mine.
Sharon Hollis, CMT
CEO/Owner of Hollis Holistic Healing LLC
The LOA class gave clarity to my dreams. Once I began operating with intentionality and implementing the numerous strategies I learned in class, I saw significant growth in both my business & personal life.
Jamie Bradley, Owner KruFit, LLC.
Wellness Coach & Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor
Designing My Life Original Class

This 12-week series of classes is a breath of fresh air.

This is the original Designing My Life class and you will not be disappointed!  You will be uplifted, inspired, and just might find yourself smiling more, laughing more, and enjoying life from the inside out – MORE.  (PDF Workbook Included)


Class Topics

  • Law of attraction
  • Deliberate creation
  • Pleasures
  • Gratifications
  • Dreams and possibilities
  • Gratitude
  • Our shadow self
  • Positive projection
  • Allowing
  • No excuses
  • Rule #6
Designing My Life Radically Authentic



The whole idea of the class is to help people to connect with who they really are. There will be a lot of information at the start of the class about how to notice, tune into, and respond to emotional, physical, and instinctual cues that are always present – we just often ignore them.  We’ll also spend time tuning into toxic beliefs / messages that have conned us into thinking we should be what we are not, and find ways to help us release the hold these have on us.  We will explore ways to bridge the gap between who and how you are now, and who and how you are, really.  Ultimately, the goal is to discover our authentic self, and find the courage and the skills to live that truth.

What does it mean to be Radically Authentic?

This is who we are when we tighten the gap between what we think and how we feel on the inside, and what we express and how we live on the outside.  Radical authenticity is the practice of living in a truer, more genuine way.  Radical Authenticity is the practice of expressing that which we are, and only that which we are.

What is important about being Radically Authentic?

For starters, no one else can actually be you. That role was assigned to you, at birth, and it is up to you to be you. You are uniquely you, and no one else is qualified to be that for the world. If you do not step into that which you are, not only do you miss out on the treasures of your life, so does the rest of the world. The world is counting on you to be exactly that which you are.

How do I practice Radical Authenticity?

Together, we will learn new skills to access and express the truth of who we are, and to shed the masks that keep us disconnected from not only our selves, but from others. (Class topics are listed below).


Topics Include

I.  Core skills of Authenticity

  • Navigating with an Emotional GPS
  • Reality Check

II.  Deconstructing the Expectations (Unlearning)

  • Exposing cultural, social, and familial expectations
  • Breaking the Contracts
  • Tallying the costs of authenticity
  • Redefining “Normal”

III. Accessing Authenticity

  • Accessing the Inner Turbine
  • Learning Gut-Speak
  • What is my Truth?
  • Telling my Story

IV. Living Radical Authenticity

  • Bridging the Authenticity Gap
  • Becoming My Ten
Designing My Life Communication

This 12-week journey is broken into sections which will assist you in exploring the art of crafting your identity in this world through effective, powerful, intentional and meaningful communication. The focus of this class is about how you show up in the world.  Everything we do is a form of communication.  How we dress, talk, act, what we do, say, express, and it is all a part of communication.

Communication is designed to connect us to others.  In doing so, we reveal who we are and we learn who others are.  This process can be complicated.  The many varied ways that we communicate will be explored, and this class will introduce specific communication skills, offer opportunities to practice, and it will be wrapped into twelve little packages that are guaranteed to bring you joy, offer you new connections and possible friendships, and provide you with new insights and understanding about yourself.  Now doesn’t that sound amazing?

Class Topic


  • Communicating Who You Are
  • Intend Kindness
  • Communicating Joy
  • Expressing Your Feelings
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Seeking to Understand
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Validation
  • Communication Styles
  • Mindful Goodbyes
  • Boundaries
  • Defensiveness
Designing My Life Courageously



It takes courage to change, and that is what this class is about.


If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your life right now, perhaps you want a new job or career, or more satisfying relationships, or a feeling of greater well-being, better financial security or a higher income, a more comfortable home life, a more robust and interesting social life or simply more joy in your everyday life?

This 12-week journey is based on the work of Margie Warrell, in her book “Find Your Courage:  12 Acts for Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life.”

Purchase of this book is required: Find Your Courage, by Margie Warrell


Each week we will discuss one act for becoming fearless, based on the work of Margie Warrell:

  1. The courage to take responsibility
  2. The courage to live with integrity
  3. The courage to challenge your stories
  4. The courage to dream bigger
  5. The courage to be yourself
  6. The courage to speak up
  7. The courage to take action
  8. The courage to persevere
  9. The courage to say no
  10. The courage to live with an open heart
  11. The courage to let go
  12. The courage to be a leader

51brIz8mFuL._UY250_ 51eI7x31eoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ book-large

The course may also include various other concepts by Margie Warrell, though the purchase of these books is not required.

  • Live Purposefully
  • Speak Bravely
  • Work Passionately
  • Dig Deep
  • Dare Boldly
  • Knowing your why
  • Rethinking risk and committing to courage
  • Aligning bold action with right action
  • Speaking candidly and listening bravely
  • Learning, unlearning and relearning
  • Seizing opportunities from your adversities
  • Leading authentically as you cultivate courage
  • Trust Yourself – take action



Fear wears so many different disguises, which gives fear the power to linger without us realizing it, for long periods of time.  We need fear to survive, but for most of us, we have allowed fear to really take advantage of its important role in our inner worlds.

Four very common disguises for fear are:
  • Confusion.  This is probably one of the most common forms of fear.  See what happens when you replace, “I am unsure if I…” with “I am afraid if I…” Confusion is the opposite of responsibility.  To be confused, is to reject responsibility for how you feel, what you think, and what you want. Sometimes we need more information to gain clarity, but confusion born of fear is a frozen state of indecision that stems from worry about the outcomes.
  • Procrastination.  Often what we delay is something that we fear.  Maybe it isn’t the activity itself that we fear, maybe it is what it will lead to, what it means, or how we will be perceived, or perhaps it is not something that is true to who we are, or maybe it is something that is not aligned with our highest good or truest self, or maybe we fear we’ll fail at that thing.  (And, I suppose sometimes it’s not actually fear, it’s just that we don’t like cleaning toilets, but you get the difference, right?).
  • Perfectionism.  Our desire to do things perfectly generally stems from a fear of failure, ridicule, disappointing others, or other fear-based motivations.  Perfectionism stems from fear.
  • Anger.  At the end of the day, the only reason we get angry is to protect ourselves.  Anger is always a response to feeling wronged or violated – it is the only reason we feel anger.  Anger is designed to keep us safe, and what we often do not realize, is that anger is also fear.
Fear is not real.  It is a byproduct of our thoughts.  It’s not even a thing – it’s a thought that creates an emotion, that signals our brain to release powerful chemicals that increase our heart rate, energize us, keep us on guard, and further convince us we are in danger (ironically, to keep us safe!).  F.E.A.R can be thought of as a False Evidence Appearing Real.  The point is, fear is an illusion.
Another casualty of fear, and perhaps the most painful of all, is the inability to dream, to think big, and to pursue the truth of who we really are.  Most fears can be traced back to two major sources:  the fear of death and the fear of disconnection.  To our brain, these are the same.  The fear of disconnection harkens back to our infancy, and the early development of our brain.  In order to survive, we relied on the involvement of our caregivers.  When there is an interruption in this connection – a disconnection – our survival is literally threatened.  As we grow and become more independent, the connection is less about food and shelter, and more about love and acceptance.  Fear, then, becomes a natural response when we are unsure if who we are, what we do, how we think, and what we want may threaten our connection to those we love.
How many times have you NOT done something that inspires you, or feels true to who you are, because you believe it may disappoint another?   You can thank fear for that.
Courageously authentic living requires the ability to tolerate the fear of disconnection long enough to open yourself to real and meaningful connections with those who see you as you are, not as they wish for you to be.
Cheers to courageous authenticity!  What would you be doing differently if you knew you would be loved and accepted no matter what?
Designing My Life Relationships


This 12-week course if for all women (whether you are single or partnered) who wish to improve their relationships skills. These skills are not limited to romantic relationships – this class will focus on all relationships: family, friendship, work, and love relationships. The topics range from good ole communication, to boundaries, forgiveness, intimacy, trust, and much much more (see below for complete list). This is a great class for improving your relationship skills with everyone – not just your sweetie.  (PDF workbook included)

This courses is broken into sections which will assist you in exploring the art of relating to others. Whether you are hoping to fine-tune your relationships with friends, family, coworkers, or intimate partners, this class will have a little something for you.

Class Topics


  • Pay it Forward
  • Intimacy
  • Receiving Love
  • Imago
  • Playfulness
  • Love Languages
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Giving Love 
Designing My Life Connected
Based on the work of Brene’ Brown, this 12 session class draws from the curriculum created by Brene Brown called Connections as well as the three books she authored below.
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.19.19 AM     Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.21.56 AM     Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.23.43 AM
This class will be a combination of reading, exercises, and class discussion.

Class Topics


  • Introduction
  • Feeling/Understanding Shame
  • Shame Web / Shame Box
  • How we see the world
  • Connection Network / The Power of Empathy
  • Recognizing Roots of Disconnection
  • Unwanted and Ideal Identities
  • Breaking Disconnection Strategies
  • The Reality Check
  • Reaching Out
  • Speaking Truth
  • Authenticity
Designing My Life Breakthrough (From Breakup to Breakthrough)

lesbian breakup class

Healing requires a new perspective on what you’ve experienced (we can’t feel better about something by thinking the same thoughts that made us feel bad in the first place). That’s why reading self-help books, or talking with friends will help you heal.  Healing requires a new focus – something that feels hopeful, engaging, and has the potential to generate joy.
That’s why getting out and doing new things, developing new hobbies, and making new friends is helpful.  Healing requires connection, human connection and the feeling that we matter to someone and that our pain matters.  Healing requires us to understand more deeply what our pain is trying to tell us about our choices that led us to where we are.  Healing requires us to allow this pain to run through us in a way that we can feel it, honor it, listen to it, and learn from it, and then bid the pain goodbye.  Pain is not meant to stay.  

No matter how long you’ve been single, it’s never too late to make sense of your past relationships, and clear a path to the kind of connection you’ve always desired.

You are the greatest resource available to you.  Have you treated yourself as kindly and well as you hope a future partner will?  If not, it’s time to start.  We teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.

Are you ready to breakthrough the pain of your last breakup?

 It doesn’t matter if it was five years ago, if you are still single, and still in pain, then walk with us, as we journey toward a life-changing breakthrough.

The pain of a break-up (or any pain we experience, for that matter) is one of the most important invitations you will receive in life.

Surround yourself with other lesbians determined to breakthrough the pain of a breakup.  Your Breakthrough buddies are waiting for you to join them in this amazing 12-week journey.  As with any invitation, you have choices. You can choose to accept, ignore, decline, or even say, “maybe,” to the invitation.

Are you ready to feel better?  Know better?  Do better?  

We can help you do that.  We humans are not meant to go it alone.  Being gay can sometimes leave us surrounded by people who lack understanding about our heartbreak, our pain, and the unique challenges we face when trying to start anew.

We aren’t hurt alone and we aren’t healed alone.  Be a part of a healing tribe that is designed to offer you insights, new skills and strategies for healing, music, mediations, laughter and connection, support and individualized guidance.

Few things in life are as devastating as finding yourself alone, on the corner of heartbreak and single. If you are standing on this corner alone, you may be surprised to learn it doesn’t have to hurt this much.

Join us in this 12-week Breakthrough Experience and you will…

  • Discover the gifts inside the break-up and learn how to use them to your benefit
  • Establish new boundaries that will simultaneously help you heal, keep you emotionally safe and focused on moving forward
  • Examine your life’s activities and take action to create more balance and well-being through strategic, attainable, tiny changes
  • Reconnect to yourself, fall in love with who you are and who you are becoming
  • Learn how to use your emotions as a guide – the most powerful GPS in the universe
  • Clean up your thinking, remove the viruses in your thinking and install new software or a better outcome
  • Uncover one of the most incredible (and counterintuitive) sources of power available to you, and how to use this to breakthrough
  • Map your breakthrough with tiny, sensible steps that move you in the direction of “better,” every time you take a step
  • Cultivate enough self-love to forgive yourself, and eventually even her
  • Build one better day on top of another until better days turn into good days
  • See yourself more clearly, more honestly, and align your life with that truth
  • Enjoy the feeling of peace, connection and ease that is possible, if you just accept the invitation

Healing requires a new perspective on what you’ve experienced (we can’t feel better about something by thinking the same thoughts that made us feel bad in the first place). Healing requires a new focus – something that feels hopeful, engaging, and has the potential to generate joy. Healing requires connection, human connection and the feeling that we matter to someone and that our pain matters. Healing requires us to understand more deeply what our pain is trying to tell us about our choices that led us to where we are. Healing requires us to allow this pain to run through us in a way that we can feel it, honor it, listen to it, and learn from it.

  • 12 live weekly video calls These are process calls, and we will review the material with your tribe-mates and deepen your understanding of how utilize the new skills, strategies and new ways of thinking.
  • Inclusion in a private virtual classroom for you and your tribe-mates to communicate daily, share experiences, post funny and inspirational memes, share favorite breakup music, and get to know each other very well over the 3 months
  • Step-by-step guidance and support for your breakthrough


Traditional therapy is not the best solution for everything. Unfortunately, that’s what is available when we look for ways to heal a hurting heart, that doesn’t make it the most effective path to your personal breakthrough.  Sitting in my office, talking 1:1 with me about your break-up, your feelings of being stuck and alone, can not compare to the power of being a part of a tribe of lesbians who are all invested in the same thing:  moving from a breakup to a breakthrough.  Adding insult, you will pay nearly double for weekly therapy sessions as you will for being a part of a Breakthrough Tribe, and you will have significantly less human interaction, support access, and education to move you in the direction of your breakthrough.

This 12 week class will save you 80% of what it would cost to do weekly therapy for 3 months (pay $300 instead of $1560), AND IT WILL EXPEDITE YOUR HEALING AND give you significantly more support, as well as the tools necessary to experience the breakthrough you desire.

Class Topics

  • Recognizing the invitation
  • Establishing Trust
  • Clarifying Boundaries (and crazy-makers)
  • Examining Self
  • Emotions as Guides
  • Changing the Story
  • Dropping the Rope
  •  Ladder of Emotions
  • Don’t Drink the Poison
  • Saying Thanks
  • Know Thyself
  • Float Downstream

This 12 week class will save you 80% of what it would cost to do weekly therapy for 3 months (pay $300 instead of $1560), AND IT WILL EXPEDITE YOUR HEALING AND give you significantly more support, as well as the tools necessary to experience the breakthrough you desire.


Class Topics

  • Recognizing the invitation
  • Establishing Trust
  • Clarifying Boundaries (and crazy-makers)
  • Examining Self
  • Emotions as Guides
  • Changing the Story
  • Dropping the Rope
  •  Ladder of Emotions
  • Don’t Drink the Poison
  • Saying Thanks
  • Know Thyself
  • Float Downstream

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