Designing my life Breakthrough (after a breakup)



Are you ready to breakthrough the pain of your last breakup?  It doesn’t matter if it was five years ago, if you are still single, and still in pain, then walk with us, as we journey toward a life-changing breakthrough.  (See the Program Schedule Here)

Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here

The pain of a break-up (or any pain we experience, for that matter) is one of the most important invitations you will receive in life. Surround yourself with other lesbians determined to breakthrough the pain of a breakup.  Your Breakthrough buddies are waiting for you to join them in this amazing 12-week journey.  As with any invitation, you have choices. You can choose to accept, ignore, decline, or even say, “maybe,” to the invitation.

Are you ready to feel better?  Know better?  Do better?  

We can help you do that.  We humans are not meant to go it alone.  Being gay can sometimes leave us surrounded by people who lack understanding about our heartbreak, our pain, and the unique challenges we face when trying to start anew.

We aren’t hurt alone and we aren’t healed alone.  Be a part of a healing tribe that is designed to offer you insights, new skills and strategies for healing, music, mediations, laughter and connection, support and individualized guidance.  (See the Program Schedule Here)

Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here

Few things in life are as devastating as finding yourself alone, on the corner of heartbreak and single. If you are standing on this corner alone, you may be surprised to learn it doesn’t have to hurt this much.

To give you an idea of what your week will look like as a member of this tribe… imagine yourself waking up in the morning to an email from Michele to you with a focus to start your day, ideas about how to take tiny steps toward healing for the day, and occasional surprises to make you smile.  (Seriously, you want to know what kind of surprises?  They wouldn’t be surprises if I told you!)  (See the Program Schedule Here)

Join us in this 12-week Breakthrough Experience and you will…

  • + Discover the gifts inside the break-up and learn how to use them to your benefit
  • +  Establish new boundaries that will simultaneously help you heal, keep you emotionally safe and focused on moving forward
  • +  Examine your life’s activities and take action to create more balance and well-being through strategic, attainable, tiny changes
  • +  Reconnect to yourself, fall in love with who you are and who you are becoming
  • +  Learn how to use your emotions as a guide – the most powerful GPS in the universe
  • +  Clean up your thinking, remove the viruses in your thinking and install new software or a better outcome
  • +  Uncover one of the most incredible (and counterintuitive) sources of power available to you, and how to use this to breakthrough
  • +  Map your breakthrough with tiny, sensible steps that move you in the direction of “better,” everytime you take a step
  • +  Cultivate enough self-love to forgive yourself, and eventually even her
  • +  Build one better day on top of another until better days turn into good days
  • +  See yourself more clearly, more honestly, and align your life with that truth
  • +  Enjoy the feeling of peace, connection and ease that is possible, if you just accept the invitation
  • +  See the DML Breakthrough topics here

Join Your Breakthrough Tribe Here

Healing requires a new perspective on what you’ve experienced (we can’t feel better about something by thinking the same thoughts that made us feel bad in the first place). Healing requires a new focus – something that feels hopeful, engaging, and has the potential to generate joy. Healing requires connection, human connection and the feeling that we matter to someone and that our pain matters. Healing requires us to understand more deeply what our pain is trying to tell us about our choices that led us to where we are. Healing requires us to allow this pain to run through us in a way that we can feel it, honor it, listen to it, and learn from it.  (See the Program Schedule Here)

What is included in the 12 Week Breakthrough

  • > (3) Once Monthly Video Calls – 60 minutes each
  • > (9) Bi-Weekly Audio Lessons – vary in length
  • > (84) Daily Focus Emails
    • Recommended Song of the Week
    • Recommended Book of the Week
    • Daily Inspiration
    • Daily suggestion for your mind’s focus
    • Daily mood lifters
    • Weekly exercises related to bi-weekly audio lessons
  • > DML Breakthrough Topics are listed here
  • > (2) Email Exchanges (send 450 words and 2 questions which Michele will respond to) to be used whenever desired
  • Inclusion in Breakthrough Groupme app for daily contact (texting, image and video sharing with the group, or direct message to individual members) with breakthrough-mates
  • > Breakthrough Buddies are encouraged and members are empowered to find a Buddy with whom you can relate and connect

Accept the invitation.


Traditional therapy is not the best solution for everything. Unfortunately, that’s what is available when we look for ways to heal a hurting heart, that doesn’t make it the most effective path to your personal breakthrough.  Sitting in my office, talking 1:1 with me about your break-up, your feelings of being stuck and alone, can not compare to the power of being a part of a tribe of lesbians who are all invested in the same thing:  moving from a breakup to a breakthrough.  Adding insult, you will pay nearly double for weekly therapy sessions as you will for being a part of a Breakthrough Tribe, and you will have significantly less human interaction, support access, and education to move you in the direction of your breakthrough.

Something new awaits you and your soon-to-be-healed heart. Can you smell the delicious scent of possibility in the air?  I can.  Mmmmmm