Lesbian Couples Workshops


We help lesbian couples create the relationships they want. 

I’m going to commit to you, and then I’m going to find everything wrong about you that I possibly can, so that we can have a very unhappy future,” said no lesbian ever. Sometimes, though, it feels that way. Not so much that you are looking for all of her faults – but maybe that she is?  

Choose "For Better" with the Lesbian Couples Workshop

Are you still fighting about the same things you were last year?

Do you long for the pasion and intimacy you in your first few months together?

Are you hoping to do this relationship better than your last?

You meet and fall in love quickly.

She is all you think about, non-stop. Your time together is fun, flirty, playful, romantic, loving, connected, and passionate. You know she’s the one. She feels like home.


You move in together.

Bills need to be paid. Family and friends want to see you. There is housework. The lawn needs mowed. The laundry needs folded. Pets and children need attention.


You are frustrated by your differences.

She’s messy, disorganized. She thinks you are critical, too demanding. You feel overwhelmed and unheard. She says you expect too much. You feel powerless and rejected. She believes that nothing she does is good enough. 


Passionate sex turns to passionate fights, or a passionless friendship.

Pleasure has been replaced with pain. Requests turn to fights. Hurts turn to resentments. You yell, she shuts down. You feel iced out, she feels overwhelmed. Your mind races. Her mind goes blank. You feel rejected and unloved. She feels misunderstood. 


Weekly couples therapy isn’t helping.

Your weekly therapy sessions bring no relief. You process your fights. You learn how to listen in session. You go home and it’s the same fight. Yell. Shutdown. Rejected. Misunderstood.  




Gather with 5 other couples in a clean, comfortable space.

Learn useable skills to reduce conflicts, improve understanding and re-ignite your spark.


Experience Unique Adventures with new friends




It’s a game changer for your relationship. – Mandy Melen, (Austin Retreat 2019)



 It was fantastic. I simply cannot put the experience into words, the best thing I can say is GO!!! Experience this wonderful retreat for yourself! Your life is sure to change for the better! – Tricia Williams, Rubicon, Wisconsin (Austin 2019)



 I didn’t know what to expect going into the weekend, but I was very impressed overall. It was a nice mix of lecture material for the group and couple role plays with a focus on couple-specific issues. The tools learned during the seminar are very applicable. Highly recommended!  – Lindsay Thorstenson, Buda, TX (Austin 2019)



 Definitely, attend! Your relationship can be new or old, it can help you both learn healthy communication skills and insight as to why we react the way we do during a conflict and give you the tools to work thru them in a healthy manner. Very laid back comfortable environment. I was so afraid of this retreat and actually dreading to attend. I’m a very shy person, not the greatest at communicating and definitely not in front of strangers! All I have to say is I can’t wait to attend the reunion!!!! And thank you, ladies. – Terri Williams, Rubicon, WI (Austin 2019)


 The best investment a couple should make at any stage (Newly partnered or together since the beginning of time) of their relationship!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! The retreat, the tools, the friendships! I learned so much more about myself, my partner and our relationship! I look forward to moving past the Power Struggle to Real Love and deeper understanding.  – Sandy, Arizona (Austin 2019)



It was intense at times but fun and light heart too with a lot of laughter. It is a MUST if you want to learn more tools on how to progress your relationship in a positive loving way. We will definitely go to another retreat!! – Dodi Ely, Snowflake, AZ (Austin 2019)



 The retreat has deepened the bond between my girlfriend and me. She feels the same. We are closer and more in love because we were able to dig in deep within ourselves in order to identify triggers, how to deal w/ issues kindly and with respect, etc. We are committed to putting in the work to longevity. – Caroline, District of Columbia (Austin 2019)

Choose "For Better" with the Lesbian Couples Workshop

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